Who is Tomtron?

Bochum / Germany

Author: left hands
Date: Feb 11, 2003
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Style ?
My style is a mix of UK with a touch of psycedelic. Depends on the time I play and the atmosphere for sure it is possible to play harder deep trance ;)

Where are you from ?

Free Text about your Project
I•m DJ since 1995. At first I started with old school techno, but since 1996 I only play UK- psychedelic trance. Since then I played in many clubs and open air partys in Germany and Europe.

Where do you want to go ?
Realy want to go everywhere in the world and enjoy the time with love and music.

What do you do on that way ?
Work hard on the new releases and play a lot of partys in Germany and Europe. There are nice contacts from my job as A&R of Nova Tekk. In my opinion the way chooses you and never lets you go ;)

Try to describe your music or art
I play in a way my style (psy-UK) but i try always to feel the touch from the people and good energy to go realy in to it and than i just enjoy the present to be a part of it.

The best thing you did in your life ?
Start making music and DJing

What will you do next? Any plans ?
Well the next time a new release from DJ Exanimo and me will come out on midijum rec. The next year starts very good. I go to play some partys in israel for Usta Krembo than I come back and go to play in DK with Haldolium. Yes and for sure the rest of of the time IÌll be working in the studio.

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
It annoys me that the German often miss the chance just to have a nice time toherher instead of struggling. The war on earh, definately.

I get my inspiration from my friends and the gigs i play. From 8 years i do party in germany.

Your sense of life?
For the next 20 jears;) meet a lot of nice people and learn all about the humanity and the world we live in. The sense is written in music.

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