Some Call it Dark

Author: Ilse
Date: Dec 15, 2005
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Acceptance and better understanding of different styles

There's some massive hype across the worldwide scene. You call it »darkpsy«, used for most of the music related to stronger, acidridden, fast psytrance. A lot of new labels were born during the past two years focusing on dark attitudes. While a few of the old established labels had to resign, some still release this kind of pure energetic powerful psytrance.

What makes people call it darkpsy? First of all those eerie atmospheres and spooky or even scary samples, the grumbling deep and fast basslines around 145 to 150 bpm, sometimes faster. Strong acidleads often are the dominant parts in this music while some trippy schizophrenic motif tells stories. Equally important are tons of FX of all kinds, resulting in big morphing soundscapes. Usually there are a lot of elements in the music that force the listener to attention.
What many people disregard is that these tracks often are composed in cutting edge smart and sophisticated ways.
In fact most of the artists themselves don‘t call their music darkpsy, even if the motifs might sound spooky, or actually violent. Older, established labels like Doof Records from Israel, preparing their 20th release, are still focusing on the most psychedelic aspects of trance music which is sometimes also misinterpreted as darkpsy.

Zirkin, who does the artwork besides producing music, and UV, who works on his PhD in nano technology while being a caring father at the same time, have founded Doof Records back in 2001. Since 1996 they allure the crowd to parties in the Israeli deserts. They once realized that all the fantastic music their friends made could be enjoyed just by a few hundreds of freaks at Doof parties, so the decision was made to launch a label. The attitude to spread doofy spirit is still alive with artists like Entropy, Double REL or Rev representing Doof around the globe. Their parties never were thrown to make money but to fill the hearts with good vibes. The label's doctrine is to share all profits with the artists evenly.

Pit and Omer of Entropy have released their debut album »The Second Law of Thermodynamics« in July 2004, a big success. The second is in progress and will express their strong style again, which they refer to as darkpsy sometimes. Bass kicking and pounding, some techno at a gallop style is shaped, filled with lots of sparkling hoovers, crispy grinds and industrial jarring.
Double REL are two soundfreaks Ariel Ram and Ariel Sela. Their style is twisted well, filled with tons of FX and samples that drive you crazy - and it's anything but dark. It just forces you to freak out on the floor while taking it to the edge and trying to make a difference. »Cereal Killerz« album is expected next.
Zirkin releases frequently radiating some deep intelligence in his trips, as well as do newcomers such as Terranoise and CCL.

Parvati Records from Denmark with its head Guiseppe is one of the labels following that strictly go their own way bringing the most trippy aspects in electronic music to the crowd. Founded in 2000 to offer a platform to the young talent, trying to explore and develop electronic psychedelic trance with an ever friendly approach to the dance floor. They've just released their tenth CD, launching a new series »Psy Stories«. And there's lots more to come, Parvati is one of the hot spots of the trippy thing. Being one of the first labels that dare to release crazy experimental psytrance, they got a good hand for psychedelic-power-dance-trance.

Well connected with Guiseppe in Aarhus, while travelling round the globe is Jahbo. He and his lady Mussy Moody are considered figureheads of this special acidridden parvati style. They satisfy our souls with lots of releases, that are recognized across the globe.
Grapes of Wrath, with marvelous album »Tits on Fire« on Parvati, as well as Professor Leo aka Kindzadza from Moscow frequently take part in compilation releases, representing the faster, highly trippy, sometimes morbid approach. Two Germans Naked Tourist already attract international attention before their album is out (it will be soon) resulting in a busy tour shedule recently.
Acidance in Greece is a key base for stronger psytrance in the South of Europe. Heads behind are Sam and Chris, working in a team of five, who founded Acidance back in 1999.
At that time they felt the urge to start Acidance to support artists signified for strong psytrance instead of following the trend towards more and more progressive music. Parasense was one of these artists, today carried on by Alex only. Mark Patrick aka Xenomorph might be the only artist really fit to be rated darkpsy.

Acidance had the urge to express the aggressiveness of youth and rejection against society they had experienced in the evolution of their minds. And they were looking for deep pleasures in electronic analog tunes. The idea was to produce and release music for people who live, feel and think in a psychedelic way of mind. Music for those who love tripping and travelling in dimensions. First release was the Parasense album in 2001 followed by Psyside and Neuromotor albums. The »Drug Therapy« compilation described perfectly what Acidance wants to stand for, the style was defined.
Fred Tala aka Neuromotor just announced to soon release his second album »Bloody Reality« and Alex Parasense as well is preparing his next coup.

All labels mentioned as well as the artists have their own touch of music. Most of their motifs are eerie, spooky the atmospheres and some samples could perceived as to be dark – but in fact are twisted, freaked out, or just strange for some ... ;-)


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