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Date: Jul 1, 2005
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It is 2:15 AM; another DJ has just climbed up behind the mixing desk, animating the crowd with fast and unusually pumping sounds – and the Crowd is on a rampage. Slightly dressed girls create virtual figures in front of their bodies with their hands spinning around just to start this ritual again and again. Young guys with beards gray and long stomp on the ground like gnomes gone mad while they step from one edge of the floor to the other. Using a different series of steps each time; straight, curved and chaotic. A sexy couple is kissing each other in the turbulence of the dancers around. A few kids suddenly pull their arms in the air and begin to scream, heading towards to what seems to be the center of the party.

Some seem to have a contract with some non-materially existing beings and for the apprentice this is the top of the hop, a spiritual masturbation challenging the senses and gaining access to musical and natural spirits. Neo Full-On Trance is the music mostly responsible for such symptoms. It's this music that upgrades people's heads in a very special way at Psy Trance Party's all around the world. Perfectly digital mastered diversified tracks of sonic boom; mostly conducted by 16 or 32-Step-sequences filled with sounds from other dimensions with an infinity of echoing overtones that continuously build new images. Pitched spoken messages and hacked voices twist the waves in different tones and are embedded by audio from all directions that makes ones hair stand on end. Of course most of the listeners prefer a musical menu as loud as possible to be able to perceive the finest changes in the sounds.

It seems incredible to some people that some of these 'spaced-out' dancers are even not under the influence of drugs. Some individuals have learned to use an internal energy and dance some ten hours and are still fit for the next four days. Reaching a trance like state through pure body chemistry. Every dancer has a style that seems to be the individuals secret code. The interpretation of the sound varies from person to person. If you look closely there is a similarity among all of them. They are happy, relaxed and – Full On into Trance.

No body can say when the change to Neo Full-On took place. It happened in the past few years and its birth was a refreshing surprise. Tracks like 'Fairlight' or 'Midnight Sun' mark a rough border to the earlier sound that was created with the use of hardware sequencers and synthesizers. People into Goa as early as the 90's never expected that it could ever become even fatter than fat.

The main difference lies in the detail level of production and producing. The instruments evolving. The possibilities of creating and modifying tonal vibrations have risen into gigantic dimensions. Analog signal processing is being combined with digital handling (DSPs) and the technological evolution seems to stream forward at timewave zero. Each instrument can be conformed perfectly to the sound of the other parts, recorded. tweaked, plugged and arranged. A wide variety of virtual software synthesizers are available on the internet for free download that can be integrated into sequencing software like the Emagic's Logic series, Steinberg's Cubase and Nuedo or Cakewalk's Sonar. You could even get a free sequencer from that handles VST and audio. Faster computer processing units (CPU's) give rise to the possibility of using high performance effects that are not inferior to the hardware models and can be used not once but multiple times in a track. One can save presets, controller data or any midi event. Play it again. Tweak it again and again until the desired effect is produced.

All with that fabulous undo function inherent to the computer age. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do that with life.J There are even some productions made completely with a Laptop computer.

There have been great albums like Simon Posfords "Deranger" (Hallucinogen/TIP Records) and Juno Reactor's "Bible of Dreams" (Blueroom Records) and many tracks like "Tribute" (Etnica/Blue Room), "Online Information" (Electric Universe/Spirit Zone), "Dancing Galaxy" (Astral Projection/Trust in Trance) or "Future Space Travellers" (Prana/Matsuri). Since the mid 90's productions all over the world changed. The sound itself is much stronger and clearer, denser and filled with passages, breaks and rhythm patterns that have a rich variety of constantly changing parts. The music creeps inside the body. Sonic vibrations cause endless emotive responses that trigger the senses and reprogram our base system. It's like running Norton on a hard drive. Holographic memory is reorganized, stored and after five days of dancing the body and mind are clear. Bands like GMS (Growling Mad Scientists, Spun Rercords), Astrix (Homega), Talamasca (3D Vision), Alien Project (TIP) or Skazi (Shuffle Shuffle) are leading a wide field of Neo Full-On which exists among many other styles and crossover branches. Labels like 3D Vision, HOMmega, Turbo Trance Rec. or Acidance Records release this energetic and power-ful music to the masses.

Not since people like Robert Moog, who was the constructor of the first voltage-controlled analog synthesizer and musi-cians like Jean-Michel Jarre or Kraftwerk has innovation in elec-tronic music been so diverse. Even Mozart gave orders for the composition of Waltzes by rolling dices. He had realized the inter-action of chaos and order.

It is important to know how many different ways sounds can be interpreted from our human bodies and brains. Music consists of oscillations in forms of waves which constantly change. Varying in a frequency from 20-20,000 Hertz (Hz). As one Hertz is 1 oscillation per second, the human ears are able to identify vibrations in the air whose displacements are smaller than the cross section dimension of an atom.

The very big difference between watching and listening is that our eyes can only process one seen picture after the other (what is called consecutive vision) while hearing tones gives he possibility of administering various different impressions (called polyphone). So it is possible to get a sad situation, a fortunate feeling and a dark atmosphere at once! We have an organ in our ear that reacts on bass rhythms that are repeated constantly in a form that one has to move automatically. But music does not only affect People: similar reactions were also proven on various animals, plants and even bacteria.

Well made music can get one efficiently into trance without the use of any chemical drugs. These facts were already known and practiced by the shamans from tribes all over the world with their dancing-trance rituals. The San (or Bushmen) people of Southern Africa have ceremonies whereby the tribe dances around a fire for a whole evening. In their belief they are contacted by animal spirits and given energy and knowledge which helps them with their normal lives. Is the formula for trance like states achieved by constantly repeating brainwave rhythms and dancing without any consumption of stimulating substances possibly a hint from our past? A clear doorway into dimensions within our own minds that have been long forgotten by the western world.

Medicine from a language that is as old as our planet created by everything that exists. Even a stone falling from a breath of wind down a narrow gorge creates a sonic harmony that echoes for all around to hear. Open your ears to the incredible world of sound.

taken from mushroom magazine and brought to you by liese

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