What the fuck is Chaishop?

Author: Sam
Date: Jan 8, 2008
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We loved the psychedelic trance scene so we founded Chaishop in 1997 as a resource and community website for the scene. The scene loved Chaishop and soon we were host for up to 80,000 visitors a month. With the years passing by, the Psytrance scene and also Chaishop matured. And today we see ourselves as a resource for alternative electronic culture. That means alternative lifestyle, electronic music, electronic lifestyle and alternative music.

Our aims are inspiration, communication and internationalisation. Throughout the years we inspired many with our uncomfortable designs, impertinent articles or disgustingly beautiful photo reports. We connected like-minded people by transforming them to internet addicts and spread the news of Psytrance even to the most remote places of this planet (e.g. the Argentinean countryside where life was beautiful before the beats came).

On the way we gave birth to our children. Chaishop Media being our media agency that spams the world with trance. Chaishop Booking makes sure that artists don't get lost in the jungle. With Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy we started a print magazine in coop with mushroom magazine to infect another 30,000 people per year with the trance virus. And in Chaishop Music News we work hard to play those electronic music releases that have a scent of originality.

But who is Chaishop? Well... it's an always changing network of people that still believe that humankind can be saved if we support alternative ideas. Chaishop was born in Düsseldorf and Cologne (Germany) and moved it's headquarters to the ex-trance-capital Hamburg in 2001 where it still remains today. But the team is spread around the world, maybe one of us is a neighbor of you.

With it's 11th birthday in 2008 Chaishop.com upgraded to version 4 - a major step after a five year semi-dead situation. But what do you think about it? Well, write a comment!

Chaishop Tent at Shiva Moon apx. 2000

Chaishop Tour 2001 Flyer

Chaishop v3

Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 02.04.2010 21:00:38

Always evolving and growing! ;) Keep rocking!!! Boom ***

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