Progressive Journey around the World

Author: Claus Baldauf
Date: Jul 7, 2006
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New Trancers Guide CD presented by and mushroom magazine

Date: July 7, 2006
Text: Claus Baldauf

Like last year, the Trancers Guide team does not only use words and pictures to help you find the best places and moments in Psytrance - again and mushroom magazine present a CD project as well. The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. II compilation features 10 grooving tracks by progressive trance artists from 10 different countries. It is the first release on Chaishop Records, based in Hamburg/Germany just like mushroom mag. The track list promises more than one hour of great music, and we want to give you some info here about the artists involved. If you want to know more you can find interviews with the artists, which these short articles were based on, at mushroom‘s website The release was compiled by DJ Mikadho (pic on the left), who put together a special blend of tunes to accompany trance travellers on their journeys around planet earth. Mikadho is part of the Chaishop team and well known in the German north for wonderful and emotional Psyprogressive sets. This Limited Edition CD comes in a special Digipak and also includes the 64 page Trancers Guide to the Galaxy magazine for the year 2006, the travel guide for the global trance community! It contains information about music, history, parties, festivals, shops, artists, labels and contacts in 31 countries of the world. In about half a year the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. III will be released. It will be focused on fullon psychedelic sounds.

1 »The Asian« Flowjob

Joakim and Mads from Denmark are Flowjob with their debut album out on Iboga - full of atmospheric light soundscapes. Recently travelling Brazil with their live show, they made lots of new friends and returned quite impressed: »We think the scene there is so positive and exploring. They play full on and groovy tech house at the same parties and everybody is happy«, Joakim says. »The party scene in Denmark has a nice crowd, but needs the good underground parties that we used to have some years ago. Usually the Danish partyfolks go to German parties in the summer because it‘s so close, and we love it there.« At their studio in Copenhagen Flowjob now work on their second album which they hope to release in summer of 2007.

2 »Zora« Shuma

Davor Tosovic and Emir Cehaic are the heads behind Shuma from Croatia, who have been playing all over Europe already and released on labels such as Tribal Vision and Play Out Right Now. The funny guys are currently working on their first album, »combining various styles of electronic music, from Electro to ... Electro«. Living in Zagreb, they only have a small psychedelic scene at home, which is not too interested in Progressive - but still there‘s a massive annual event not to miss in Croatia: the international Underwater Overground festival on end of July, featuring Shuma, of course. They think, »the international scene is moving to a wrong direction. Few years ago you could find more good music, more innovative stuff, more interesting projects, but now it‘s all going somehow into comercial non-innovative bad full on, every track sounds the same, less and less labels release progressive sound :( ...» - the best reason to go on with their work.

3 »Elmazing Vibe«Feuerhake & Liquid Soul

Hamburg-based German Stefan Feuerhake (top pic on the right) is into Psytrance and Progressive for ages as well as Swiss artist Nicola Capobianco aka Liquid Soul (below) from Zürich, being well recognized not only at home but also internationally. »Elmazing Vibe« is their first collaboration, named after a beautiful open air party in Switzerland. »We met a parties in Switzerland and after a few times we decided to do something together«, Feuerhake explains. He loves energetic, melodic Progressive Trance, having released two solo albums and two more with Klangstrahler Projekt, all on German Free Form Records. His third album »RE:START« is out now on Synergetic Records from Austria. Liquid Soul recently is one of the hottest names in Progressive Trance internationally, releasing his first album now on Iboga. He played at big Swiss raves in the nineties until 1999 he discovered his love for Psy. Another milestone was his gig at legendary German VooV Experience 2004 that opened the door for him to lots of international bookings. -

4 »Tango (Rmx)« El Zisco

Since 1991 Francisco Oyarce from Chile is living in Hamburg/Germany where the club and party scene has always been a very inspiring place. He has been producing electronic music for ages and founded his project El Zisco around 1998, but released his first two tracks last year. »Thanks to some people that believe in me«, Francisco states. Well, there are some more people that do believe in the quality of his personal melting pot of Techhouse, Tribal-, Psy- and Progressive Trance. Dance `n` Dust Records is about to release the first El Zisco album, while he is already at producing the next one as well as preparing his upcoming live act. »Chile is a really promising country when it comes to Psytrance.« Francisco thinks that not only some really good artists will push the further development, but also the shamanistic traditions in Chile and the beauty of nature down there could be helpful influences in this process. »I hope people will open themselves more, overcome prejudices - and I‘m not just talking about music here ...«

5 »One Shot (Flame on Fire Rmx)« D-Nox & Beckers

We don‘t have to introduce D-Nox or Beckers, do we? The German producers and DJs rocked lots of dance floors round the globe during the last two years, be it because they were spinning tunes somewhere themselves, or because somebody else played their innovative Progressive sound. So let‘s concentrate a little more on the 26 year old guy that remixed their track for the new Trancers Guide compilation. Flame on Fire is Tasos from Athens/Greece. Coming from a strong background in classical music training, his style is trancey with Progressive House and Electro influences. Flame on Fire is a well known DJ in the vivid Greek scene, that is full of up and coming talent and labels. »Greece has so many parties that almost every city has its own. The Psytrance scene has been stable and so big here in Greece many years now and the New Wave Electro and Techno is growing fast.« Tasos released some tracks and remixes on Candyflip and is preparing his debut album.

6 »Subminimal (Sonnenvakuum Online Rmx)« Sonic Cube

Ueli Schill and his partner Daniel Müller are represented twice in this track, because they form Sonnenvakuum as well as Sonic Cube, two Swiss projects that every lover of deep Progressive music on phat basslines really should check out. Their former third man at Sonic Cube, Tobias Wirz is now fully concentrating on his solo project Greed. So, these three guys are involved in most of the cutting edge Progressive music coming from the small country in the alps ... Ueli and Daniel recently released the second Sonic Cube album on Tribal Vision and are now touring Europe, Brazil and Australia. They stand for deep, atmospheric, tech Progressive Trance. Later this year expect a new Sonnenvakuum album as well.

7 »Feel Good« Pion

Pion is Jaric Vladan aka DJ Dowla from Belgrade/Serbia, he has released a few tracks on domestic as well as international labels. »Psytrance is very inspiring music«, he says. »You can combine it with different styles of music ... - you never know, what you‘re going to find.« And Jaric is exploring the world of sounds thoroughly, attending a school for audio engeneering he wants to finish this year. The scene in Belgrade, where he plays a lot, is very active: »The scene is in a big expansion ... in every direction ... nonstop!« And what kind of music does Pion make feel good? »It‘s better, when it is slower ...«

8 »Let´s Get A Good Time« Sensifeel

For 11 years now Philippe Sancier aka Sensifeel from Paris/France is dj-ing, he started to perform live as well and produce tracks in the studio 6 years ago. Since then Sensifeel is travelling the world, making his living from his music only. His second album is out now on Y.S.E., called »Next Vision. »The music moves around the different genres of Progressive music from slower, clubbier tunes to pumping and groovy tunes, all with the special Sensi- Feeling of my production. « Alongside his partner Pierre Dauny aka DJ Drenan Philippe is also one half of the Cyklones live act and DJ team. »I believe in music, and when I go to a party or festival, I like to enjoy it without drugs - no more drugs, more music and smiles ... cheers!«

9 »Dense Matter« Ecliptic

Ecliptic was created in 1999 by Raul Mejia and Juan Carlos Navarro from Mexico City, heavily induced by their love for psychedelic music from the old days. Since then, the boys have been working on their very own groove and funky rythms that uplift every party‘s vibe with positive energy. Their unique sound, presented in an exhilarating and impressively detonating live show has made thousands and thousands dance in Mexico‘s most important events, and has been exported to lots of countries. Their debut album »A Fissure in Silence« on Maia Records got them a lot of attention, if you don‘t know it yet - give it a try!

10 »Embrace« Shen

Shen is the downtempo project of Noah Pred from Canada. Under his own name he has been producing deep techno for many years. »Tuning into the subtle realms of internal environments and expansive atmospheres, I attempt to apply an acute technological sensibility to my downbeat sound. I also draw inspiration from the Eastern aesthetics of botanical architecture and geomantic techniques - the concept of evoking organic structures through ecologies of rhythm and sound«, Noah describes Shen. His homebase Toronto is a very lively and active place for electronic music. He also strongly recommends the festivals at Canada‘s West Coast at some incredible locations.

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