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Author: Sam
Date: Jan 8, 2008
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Are you unhappy with the service of your website hosting provider?
Or are you paying more than 10 EUR a month?
If so, Chaishop Hosting could help!

Since 2004 Chaishop offers website hosting including email, ftp, etc... We offer a high speed server that is being administered by Chaishop professionals plus free friendly service by email, telephone, msn and skype.

Besides of we host for Digital Structures, Son Kite, Triskele Management, mushroom magazine and others.

Services: 100 GB traffic, 1000 MB harddisc-space, daily backup,10 POP3/IMAP accounts, email forwards, email autoresponder, spam filter, 10FTP users, 10 mySQL databases, HTTP, PHP, CGI, Perl, web-statistic, web-administration andwebmail, several domains, 100 Mbit/s bandwidth, 2 x 2,5 GBit/s backbone, personal service by email, telephone, msn and skype.


  • 10 EUR monthly incl. 100 GB traffic (every extra GB is 0,30 EUR)
  • One-time setup fee: 20 EUR
  • If you need more traffic or hard disc space please contact us


If you are interested in this offer please get in contact with Sam:
SKYPE: chaisam

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