Basic rules

Author: Sam
Date: Jan 8, 2008
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Chaishop.com is fed by an array of always changing authors and sources. We can't control the accuracy and legality of the information that you will find on this website and can't take any responsibility for problems, damages, etc. that might arise from using this information. To put it short: you are surfing on your own risk.

When submitting content to Chaishop.com the authors or editors grant an unlimited publishing licence to Chaishop.

If you are interested to publish Chaishop.com articles on any other website, media, etc. you need to get in contact with us or the author to get a permission. An exception are the RSS feeds, these are free to publish on any other website.

Legislation and court for any dispute is Hamburg, Germany.

Author: Cooper / Date: 27.05.2009 11:27:28

I've read all of the above but I don't understand why am I not allowed to change my profile content??? Please help! Thank you

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