Author: DJ Neerav
Date: Sep 11, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Based in Montreal, Canada, DJ Neerav has played at Samothraki, Antaris, and many other important European festivals. He is the headliner for every Canadian festival that he plays, and holds residence with Interchill Records, as well as DJing for Nuclear Ramjet (Canadian live act). He is the creator of Trance 5000 (former psy-trance magazine of North America), and he also compiled the "13th Moon" cd for Interchill Records.

He will be traveling in Brazil from December to May 2005.

A versatile DJ, he can play equally well in a variety of styles: from latin flavoured beats to fast energetic ethno, psychedelic ambient, and so on. He also has over 15 years experience playing trance, and these days is mainly into blissed out sounds for the morning, as well as deep, hypnotic, tweaked out techno beats for the night. / email:


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