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Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 10, 2008
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Thank You For Flying Utopia – Compiled by StereomaticUtopia Records  Promotional Thread

Compiled by StereomaticWhile working on the ambitious new Utopia Records Trance compilation 'Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia'. Stereomatic (A.K.A. Eliran Maimone) had been collecting tracks from some of the very best worldwide names in Trance and the results are in front of you: Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia is by far Utopia Records' highest profile compilation to date.
Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia's lineup includes Utopia Records very own Vibe Tribe, whose new album is expected to be released in October 2008; A fine collaboration of Perplex and Ultravoice; Two outstanding tracks by Shanti Matkin (Spun records); System Nipel's hit 'Game On' - Remixed by Utopia's Ananda Shake; as well as Utopia Records newest additions: Freedom Fighters and Spade, among other fantastic first class passengers.
The leading track Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia is a mesmerizing journey of sound, featuring Vibe Tribe and label manager DJ Ido for the first time behind the producing board!
Fasten your seat belt, have a cool flight, and Thank YOU FOR Flying Utopia!
  Track list:


01. Ananda Shake Vs. Phanatic - Phananda
02. Stereomatic - My Way
03. Audiotec Vs. Indra - Transformers
04. Shanti - The Even Star (Alternative Control Remix)
05. Vibe Tribe Vs. DJ Ido - Thank You for Flying Utopia
06. System Nipel Vs. Electra - Game On (Ananda Shake Remix)
07. Spade - Reaction
Ultraplex - Inside
09. Freedom Fighters - Robotic
10. Shanti - Strictly Business


If you are looking for pumping full on tracks, with lots of acid groovy sounds and beautiful morning melodies for the summer season, you have definitely to listen to this one.
 The first track was already released on Phanatic’s album “Outsider” and is the result of a combination between Phanatic and Ananda Shake...fat and groovy bassline, good percussions, marvellous melodies, perfect for ending a party or a dj set. Track 2 is done by Stereomatic and has a really fun and melodic has a groovy bassline, some morning synths and uplifting melodies, that together with the bright leads puts a big smile on the dancefloors. “Transformers” is done by Audiotec and Indra and comes a bit more aggressive but in the same morning feeling of the last has some refreshing guitar reefs, some electronic noises coming in and out and I really like the last break, when you think that the track is going to explode full of melodies, it comes very aggressive and strong. Track 4 is the remix of Alternative Control to Shanti’s “The Evenstar” has a strong and continuous bassline, with lots of dreamy noises, surrounding by pacific synths and leads, in my opinion more nice then the original version.  Track 5 “Thank You for Flying Utopia” is done by Vibe Tribe and Dj Ido and is my favourite has a fat bassline, all the elements sounds really strong and powerful, the spacey and dreamy melodies gives a really positive atmosphere to the track, perfect.   Track 6 is another remix, this time Ananda Shake remixing “Game On”, originally made by System Nipel and Electra...I really love the organism of the track, bassline, percussion, leads, synths, melodies, just don’t like so much the vocals on it but I have heard it on lots of parties and it rocks.  “Reaction” is done by Spade and is another great track for the morning has a strong and groovy bassline, lots of acid effects, some smooth synths and in the last break there are some melody notes that definitely enter in your ears.  Track 8 is the result of a collaboration between Ultravoice and Perplex and is called “Inside” my opinion their past collaborations resulted more nice but in general we have here a nice and crystallized track, some vocal samples, morning and quiet melodies, all with lots of acid noises. In the 9th place comes “Robotic” by Freedom Fighters and it push us again to a more strong and aggressive has a heavy kick and bassline, some strong and dark synth notes, nice acid melodies, I just don’t like so much the sample that is repeating lots of times in all the track but it don’t disturb so much.  To finish the compilation we have a more progressive track by Shanti...all the track has a big intensity on it, some deep and subtle melodies, nice morning leads, all with lots of groove and rhythm.   After waiting about 1 year and some months since the last compilation from Utopia, I was really anxious to listen this one but it really deserves the waiting time: we have here a really nice selection of fullon tracks, all with intense melodies, lots of groove, I think we all are going to have beautiful happiness moments this summer J 


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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