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Author: Juggler
Date: Oct 6, 2008
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Duca – After DarkTribal Vision Records  Promotional Thread

Debut album of Serbian producer Dusan 'Duca' Sekic is finally here! One of the core Tribal Vision Records artists delivered eleven new tracks, from pumping big room techno blasters to chilly atmospheric progressive pieces.
The cd box contains full colour folded booklet by Czech designer Lukas Opekar aka Quapim as well as dj slip card with bpm and key info.
  Track list:

01. Snowman 06:43
02. Canadian Visa 06:39
03. Astronaut 06:42
04. After Dark 06:15
05. Ducaralho 06:45
06. 120 07:16
07. Diploma 08:00
08. United Nations 07:26
09. Zakon 07:13
10. Hit the Target 06:30
11. Last One 06:21

After lots of releases in compilations from various labels, here comes the debut album from Duca, released on Tribal Vision Records.
 The first track – Snowman – starts the album in a deep and dreamy way...it has a fat and groovy bassline, some morning-oriented synths and leads, all very quiet and atmospheric.  Track 2 is called “Canadian Visa” and is one of my favourites here...groovy bassline with an electro touch, some squeaky sounds and noises, the build up is very progressive and has a really nice construction. “Astronaut” comes a bit more faster...strong and fat bassline, lots of percussions making a good rhythm, some industrial synths and noises giving an energetic and darker effect, all joining with a kind of a machinery-atmosphere. Track 4 “After Dark” is the title track, and in my opinion, is a bit like the name - a track for listening in the first minutes of morning, when the sun comes up...it has some nice and pacific melodies, nice rhythmics, all mixed on a funky structure. “Ducaralho” is another masterpiece and one of my favourites too...it has a really suspense and darker atmosphere, strong kick bassline, some night industrial sounds with lots of effects, the rhythmics are very danceable too, perfect. “120” is the more slowly here and a bit mellower compared to the last one...it has a kind of a minimal progressive structure, fat and distinct bassline, perfect for ending a party or a dj set. Track 7 “Diploma” comes in a more trancey-style...groovy bassline, some rhythmic percussions and hihats, bright and distinct leads, all involved on a mysterious and hypnotic build-up.  “United Nations” has a trancey and chained bassline, well constructed breaks, some acid sounds mixed with some sophisticated and digital noises, all with a tech-house touch. For track 9, Duca choose “Zakon”, returning to a more deep and morning mood again...it has a smooth bassline, some bright and dreamy leads, soft rhythmics, all very relaxed and pacific. “Hit the Target” is again a softly and deep track, creating that feeling that the album is almost ending and the sun is almost shinning...the atmosphere is soft and quiet, with some floating sounds and pads, nice for listening at any place, in any situation.   For finishing the album, we have “Last One”...it seems like another great “sunshine track”, with some deep synths with bright notes, funky and minimal bassline, some industrial noises in the back, nice ending.   In my opinion and speaking in general, Tribal Vision bring one more time a great release for all tastes, ranging from the more pacific and soft tracks like 9 and 10 to the more heavy and dancefloor-oriented like 2 or 5, all with a really great production quality.   8/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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