Brain Damage - Waiting for my Angel

Utopia Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Feb 14, 2008
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Brain Damage – Waiting For My Angel (Utopia Records)



Brain Damage is Vik Shagal, born in Ukraine, and is currently living in Kiryat Gat, Israel (South). From a tender age Vik was music junky, breathing and embracing all forms of sound. In the early 90's he started focusing on electronic based music and begun his romance with the computer. Brain Damage's music was already featured on a handful of solid and stable labels from around the world.
Waiting for My Angel CD includes 9 previously unreleased tracks, including 2 collaboration tracks, one with Spade and the other with Feedback. Brain Damage's unique blend of flavors and colors is not something obvious or common, seemingly incorporating deep hypnotic atmospheres, high dose of emotion, yet resulting with a strong powerful lift for the dance floor. Touching the hearts of both Progressive Trance and Full on lovers, with no doubt a name to follow Track list:

1. Undertone2. Waiting for my angel
3. Time Energy
4. Transform me
5. Example of the 90's
(Album Edition)
6. Beat Box
(With Spade)
7. Calculator
8. Dialogue with god
9. Voice


Here we have the debut album from Brain Damage, Vik Shagal from Ukraine. Undertone starts very quiet and slow (140bpm) in a progressive and morning has some nice voice samples, good bassline between progressive and fullon and a good construction in general. Track 2 is the title track and is a bit more fast (143bpm) has a groovy and varied bassline, some spacial FX and some morning leads that mixed with the synths makes a really nice tune for the early morning hours. Time Energy comes with a groovy and electric bassline, a dry and pumping kick and some melodic and energetic leads...the only thing I don’t like here is the vocal samples that repeat lots of times. Track 4 is called Transform Me and comes in a more aggressive and fast has a strong and fat bassline, lots of percussive elements that give it a nice rhythm but has a synth that is really annoying and puts the track into a boring way. Example of the 90’s appears here in an album version, after the original was released in Pure Imagination 4...the two are a bit similar but I prefer this one, it has the same feeling and the same samples but I think this one is more energetic and rhythmic, perfect for dancefloors. Track 6 was done with Spade and is my favourite has a fat bassline, some hypnotic and quiet leads that mixed with the beauty morning melodies puts any crowd dancing J Track 7 is called Calculator and returns to a more slow and calm has some pumping electro sounds, a lightly and groovy bassline and some pads giving a colder and suspense atmosphere to the track. Dialogue with God continues in the flow and like track 7 is a more clubbier has some dreamy melodies, nice and pacific synths and a good production. For ending the album comes Voice in a slower tempo (132bpms) has nice melodies, some woman vocal samples, all in an electro and funky atmosphere. Speaking in general, we have here a great album, with morning music for all tastes...the majority of the tracks are nice and with a great production, all in a pacific but rhythmic and danceable favourites are 5 and 6.  7/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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