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Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 15, 2008
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Chilled C’Quence – Dream Triggers Quest4Goa Records Promotional Thread

Blissful, delightful, emotional, deep, personal, charming, all this can describe a bit of what we...are about to hear.
Always supporting the spectrum range of psychedelic trance/ambient music this time, Quest4Goa records present us their second release with one of the best ambient artist on Portugal.


Chilled C'Quence is the well know duo Pedro Matias and Fernando Rodrigues. After their successful debut album on Amboworld and playing on several parties and festivals worldwide such as Boom festival 2006 and Sonica 2006, Chilled C'Quence brings us this master piece 'Dream Triggers'. Dream Triggers is a reflected vision of our deepest self, an uplifting ambient journey able to transpose us to an inner state. This album combines chilling harmonies with warm and progressive vibes, an ideal choice for playing at the early hours of the morning and for dancefloor opening.

Relax and be ready for triggering!
Track list:

1 . Lucid Dream
2 . Double Pleasure
3 . Healing Sequel
4 . Horizon
5 . UHC
6 . Cell State
7 . Growing Seed
8 .
9 . Luxury

Here comes the long awaited second album from Chilled C´Quence. The album starts with Lucid Dream, in a very atmospheric and dreamy mood... it has some morning and trippy melodies, with that rhythmic and groovy Chilled’ downbeats. Track 2 is called Double Pleasure and puts you inside a has some beautiful and atmospheric pads, some rhythmic percussions and all the track has like a conversation between a guy and a girl, seems that you are watching a movie, really amazing. Track 3 is called Healing Sequel and is a bit more has a dark distorted bassline, some nice percussions/hihats/snares that gives a good rhythm to the track, just don’t like so much the vocals. Horizon comes in 4 place and gets you up of your chair...the percussions give a very danceable feeling that mixed with the gentle downbeats and the smooth and calm melodies puts you in that Chilled C’Quence dreamy feeling that it’s always nice J Track 5 – UHC – comes a bit more quickly (123 bpm) and sounds really nice has some morning and spacey tunes, some phat and simple downbeats, good structure of all elements. Track 6 is a bit more emotional and has some woman voice samples, some rhythmic and percussive downbeats, great for any chillout stage. Track 7 – Growing Seed – has a more danceable atmosphere, bringing the beats in a kind of energetic downtempo...all the track as a really great flow, some smiley tunes, with a groovy and rhythmic kick. Track 8 is another energetic and danceable one...lots of groove in all elements, some aquatic melodies, that together with the psychedelic tunes and beats gives a very relaxing journey for your spirit J For ending the album we have Luxury in a downtempo acid mood...dark and industrial downbeats coming and going, some acid melodies, in my opinion the more night-oriented track of the album. After a long wait from the debut album, I think Chilled C’Quence proves one more time why they always put any chillout stage dancing and smiling...All the tracks have its own story and great production, in my opinion the best chillout release of this year till now.



Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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