Various - Unsual Suspects (Twisted Records)

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Author: Sequential-X
Date: Feb 25, 2002
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Feb 23, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

Simon Posford is a very talented musician and producer. Like Ollie Olsen (for Psy-Harmonics), he is doing all the hard work for Twisted, a well know and respected label of the trance scene. The last compilation from Twisted "Unusual Suspects" could easily be renamed to "Simon and Friends". One way or another, this great producer of our times has putted his signature in most of the tracks featured in this compilation. Soundwise this compilation is typical Twisted Records. Fine production, detailed programming and that Twisted quality we are all familiar with. Not the sounds of tomorrow but certainly ahead of the competition.

Prometheus is a producer that I really like. I loved his live appearance in Athens and I believe he is one of the best producers around. He can manage both the slower funky tunes and the full on faster ones. This one here "Mekong Delta" starts off chilled and nicely but kicks in dancefloor burner style. Prometheus trademark fat leadlines are presented here as well plus some ethnic singing samples that give a more spiritual tone in the track. Good music lads.

Follower "I See Myself (Unmixed Demon Version" screams Simon Posford right from the beginning. Simon and three other guys as Fly Agaric deliver a quirky little cut that could do some good damage in the later hours.


Opener "The Finger" by Younger Brother, is a nice funky trip into cheer up psychedelia. Fine rhythms, funky sweeps and quirky lines. Keep in mind that the Younger Brother project is actually Simon Posford akA Hallucinogen with Benjamin Vaughan AKA Prometheus. Follower "Have A Good Time (All The Time)" is again Mr. Posford collaborating with Mr. Nakov under the DSP name. The result is funky, ass wiggling trance for the early hours. I love it !

Twisted Allstars' "Blue Sky On Mars" gathers all the big names of this scene in a single one track. Again the funk is high and the lines are quirkier than ever. The joint talent seems to worked out this time !

Unusual Suspects cover artwork

Mmmm probably my favorite track is next. Younger Brother have managed to get on with a really fresh rhythm. This is definitely future trance. Slow and dirty, builds and roars like hell. "Dwarves (Main Mix)" needs your attention, it is a difficult track to get in but once you do... prepare your magic carpets. Not to mention the wonderful melodic breakdown.


Favorite dj and producer of mine, Tristan Cooke is next with "Fortean Times". Tristan gives free lessons on how to build an astonishing track from only one nice trance loop. The sequencing in this track is for a music sequencing award if such a thing ever existed. The tracks builds slow and nicely until the breakdown and then strips back to basics again. I can imagine the older dancefloors responding greatly with this. Uplifting with the real meaning of this misunderstood word.

Synthetic AKA Dado from Transwave is not a producer that I like but the Twisted label seems to have some good influence on him. He is more detailed with the stuff he releases for Twisted, "100 % Pure" for instance. This time he remixes the "Mescalito" tune. Too much french sounds for my liking. The odd horserace bassline, the breaks and some in and out effects... Not me... Definitely not me. Some will find this interesting though.

Final track is the Total Eclipse remix of "Dorset Perception". To be honest I think it is not as good as the original. The good thing is though that it sounds more like 1994 than 2002. It reminds me of those times when Total Eclipse were not that known and their "Delta Aquariums" album was causing dancefloor lunacy. Trippy, really trippy in a nice psychedelic way that seems to get forgotten these days.

The overall verdict is that this is a very good compilation, again Twisted did no mistake. I really love this compilation. Apart from the Synthetic track everything else is very good. It is good to know that some record labels have still high quality standards in these days of "Mac Donaldization" of the trance scene. Invest into good music and fresh artwork approach. Twisted deliver tracks that focus both in your feet and your mind. Feel the funk, feel the psychedelia and move your body and soul with some truly inspired music.


Benjamin Vaughan akA Prometheus

Simon Posford akA Hallucinogen

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