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The complete story about Trance in Chile!

Author: Dew Vibe
Date: Mar 17, 2005
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Its about 2:00 a.m. and the moonlight reveals the rugged morphology of Andean valleys. Aromatic smells of chai tea, incense and some hydroponic scents are filling the cool mountain atmosphere. UV reflections demand your attention. Colorful people keep dancing embraced by strong psychedelic pulses that beat their bodies and their very souls. Even some fires are dancing along with the people. Organized spontaneously on each full moon, “La Fiesta de la Luna” has been an outdoor tradition for many years, gathering true trance lovers in natural scenarios of Los Andes.

The Country

This so-called “Long and thin stripe of land” (as old geography books reads) facing south pacific, shows a wide variety of climatic conditions and landscapes, ranging from arid deserts to ancient woods. It was conquered by Spanish people at central zone and British people at he South. Almost all the aboriginal population were killed and the rest were mixed with Spanish people. Between 1st and 2nd World War a huge migration of European people came to the country so it is quite occidental. Since 80s the Chilean economy became strong. Politically, Chile acts as an island with the rest of South America and it is the most expensive country in Latin America.

Chile has special landscapes because of it’s length, so you have desert, central valley, lakes zones and Patagonia. Chile is a country of poets and musicians so the electronic music scene is very varied and the people can dance genres like Drum and Bass as well as House, Techno or Trance, as long as the music keeps the quality. Delightful landscapes, friendly people, affordable prices and a little but solid trance scene, are some of Chile’s issues trancers worldwide will love. Santiago (the capital), with over 5.000.000 people, concentrates the country’s activities, especially those related to electronic music and arts. Despite of that, many times, party organizers reaches north and south with outdoor trance events surrounded by amazing natural environments.

The Trance scene


In Chile, the Trance scene started at beginning of 90s influenced by the local Sannyasin community. The first club doing Trance parties was Oz Club, leading by DJ Siddhartha. At 1994 a Total Solar Eclipse was showed at North Of Chile, so the local Trance scene got in touch with the international scene. Then DJ Cl.ear (Nacho) was born to Trance and started to organize the Full Moon Celebrations at Andean Mountains as well as having a small Trance club called Telex at Atacama Desert in North of Chile. The Full Moon Celebrations kept quite underground and were only supported by the cooperations of the people.

At 1996 DJ Cl.ear, Dew and Nanda founded Dreamvibe with the idea of bringing to the urban scene the spirit of psychedelic at the Mountains. They started doing Chill Outs for other parties of the electronic music scene to finally starting doing their own parties at Santiago City and the first open air festivals. After Dreamvibe, there came some other promoters who helped keep the scene alive: Trance Tour (founded by Dario, Juan Carlos and Pancho), Psy Shiva (founded by DJ Vichop) and DolFeel (founded by musician Feel). At 2002, the Trance musician Titin Moraga and Sonja Ben Anchoura came to settled in Chile, using the name Interdimensional as their promoter group.


Full Moon Celebrations Every Full Moon at The Andean Mountains or the Sea Side. Always keeping the underground, no publicity except from friends to friends, no entrance fee except the voluntary cooperation of the people.

Earthdance Festival Local version of Earthdance is the most important Trance festival in the country, gathering around 5.000 people, produced by Dreamvibe.

Magic River New Year Eve Every New Year Eve at Elqui Valley, the closest place from earth to the stars. Produced by Trancetour.

Earth Trance Open Air festival at every November, produced by Dreamvibe.

Artists > DJs

Most Chilean trance DJs are also producers who have been several years into trance. With this long background under the belt and strong commitment as developers of the scene, they’re always seeking the latest music and equipment to keep themselves updated to the newest world trends.

DJ Cl.ear The local and South American Trance legend. He has expanded the movement at Andean Mountains connecting the scenes at North of Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.

DJ Siddhartha He is a Swiss guy resident in Chile for more than 10 years. He put the Sanyasis spirit of Trance at Chilean scene.

DJ  Mad He is a Spanish guy living in Chile which joined Dreamvibe 3 years ago. He has a unique technique to create a Full On Trance.

DJ Zak He is an English settled in Chile since 10 years ago, which also organize some Trance parties.

DJ Andean Trip He joined Dreamvibe at 1999 and develop very sensitives sets of Trance and Chill Out.

DJ Nanda Part of Dreamvibe crew, she works experimental sets of Chill Out, representing Interchill Records. She also works managing the Chill Out stage at Voov Experience Festival.

DJ Dew Brings ethnic and original sounds to the Chill Out what she calls "Morning dew Trance". She also manage Dreamvibe crew and organize Earthdance Festival in Chile.

DJ Angeles. Nowadays resident of 6th Element Events, New York. She worked on many clubs in Ibiza and Spain, as well as many others in Southamerica.

DJ Noel. Founded Bit and Dance Label and Events. Has been part of the scene since its very beggining, and now he’s staring his career as a musician.

DJ Darkpsy. Lived part of his life in Mexico where he learned about trance and decided to take it’s way of life.

Artists > Live

Many good live acts are also emerging from Chile, some of them were working on their projects since the late nineties. Each one developing their own style ranging from full-on psychedelia to progressive or even minimal, Chilean live acts have real passion for music and it’s related technologic paraphernalia.

Titin Moraga (Yellow Magnetic Star) He developed a particular Trance proposal and his carrer was developed in Britain where he has published 4 albums: Andean Trance, Son of the Light, Mandala of Sound and Anahata (with Chris Decker, Medicine Drum).

Subhira He develops an Electro Acustic and Tribal proposal of Trance, gathering different musicians in a unique ethnical composition. His own label is Mundo Vivo.

Feel He started at 1998 doing Trance Music and now he is working with his rising label DolFeel Records which held new local names as Psy Jiquri and Vichop from Psy Shiva.

Metatron Founded at 2001 by artists Ital and Metapsy. The are now produced by Perplex from Israel.

Astro (Ex Barby). Closely related to Dreamvibe and Dolfeel Recs. this independent artist has been around since 1999, developing a more progressive/psychedelic style.

Prabha. Sound engineer whose career as a musician is devoted to Ambient and Trance explorations. “Silent” is his latest release on Mundovivo Records. Probably the most mature trance musician from Chile.

Artists > Deco

There are many artists at deco structures, visuals and paintings. Most of them are related to the own promoters groups.

Some of them are Roberto Mardones, Chicchan Ox, Maximiliano Allendes, Metapsy, and Rayo Terrision.


Dreamvibe Records A new label which will launch "Earthdance Chile" compilation of artists during the 6 years of local festivals.

Mundo Vivo Managed by musician Subhira. It is an Electro Acustic label since 1997.

DolFeel Records Managed by musician Feel which gathers newly developed projects.

Date: Mar 17, 2005
Text: Dew Vibe, Ignacio "Astro" Barbagelata
Photos: Maximiliano Allendes & Nanda
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004



  • Geographically an island surrounded by Andean Mountain range to the East, the Pacific Ocean at the West, “Atacama” the most barren desert in the world to the North, Patagonia and the Antartic at the South.
  • Conquered by spanish at Central zone and by british at the South.
  • Chile is a country of poets, painters and musicians.
  • The electronic music scene is very varied and the people can dance genres like Drum and Bass as well as House, Techno or Trance, as long as the music keeps the quality.
  • Psychedelic Trance scene started by the end of 80´s beginning of 90´s influenced by the local Sannyasin community.
  • At 1994 a Total Solar Eclipse was showed at North Of Chile, and the local Trance scene got in touch with the international psychedelic trance scene.
  • The Full Moon Celebrations started at Andean Mountain range, keep on going quite underground, supported by cooperations of the people.
  • At 1996 Dreamvibe was founded with the idea of bringing to the urban scene the spirit of psychedelic at the Mountains. Nowadays Dreamvibe  is producing “Earthdance” the most important Trance Festival in Chile.


There aren’t any Trance shops at the moment but some are coming leaded by the Trance Tour crew.

Doc Sonic informs

Cocaine and cannabis are widespread anyhow the consumption is illegal and persecuted.




Dew Vibe


Dreamvibe producer, DJ of Chill Out and "Morning Dew Trance”, connected the South American Trance.

Music is the Way, Message is Love

Ignacio "Astro" Barbagelata

Psychedelic Live Act


Let's spread light and laughts all around

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