Various Artists - Accelerator 4.0

Turbo Trance Records, March 2007

Author: pr0fane
Date: Mar 8, 2007
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Accelerator 4.0 - compiled by Senix
Label: Turbo Trance Records
Format: CD
Released: March 2007


The French label Turbo Trance Records was started back in 2000, and has since the opening put its mark on the psychedelic trance scene with a quite respectable list of releases, ranging from EP\'s by Triptych, Hyper Frequencies and Neuromotor to full-length albums by Triptych, Elec3 and Mumbo Jumbo and a bunch of compilations as well. \"Accelerator\" is one of the labels series of compilations, and it has just reached version 4.0. Where the first 3 were compiled by DJ L\'elf, DJ Beka and Triptych, the 4th version is compiled by the French label-DJ Senix, and it contains 9 tracks and remixes - all previously unreleased.

01. Manmademan - Escape [138 BPM]
First track is from the UK-based duo Manmademan, who\'s been a part of the psychedelic trance scene since the early days, with releases on influential labels like Matsuri, Flying Rhino, Transient, Phantasm, Iboga, Nano, BNE, TIP.World and Flow. Despite their fine resume, I\'ve never really been a huge fan of their sound, but \"Escape\" is certainly a really good tune. Running at 138 BPM, and with a bouncy, yet rolling intense bassline, big trancy pads and kind of old school influenced melodies. Fantastic opener.

02. GBU - Big Tone Blasted [140 BPM]
Up next is the well-known collaboration The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, or in short GBU, consisting of Dado (Deedrah, Transwave, Synthetic), Serge (The Antidote, Total Eclipse) and DJ Dimitri Nakov. GBU is a very groovy track - more bouncy than most of the stuff on their recent album, but maintaining the quality that made that particular album one of the best full on releases last year in my opinion. Funky dancefloor track.

03. Triptych feat Senix – Hot Track [142 BPM]
French Triptych collaborate with DJ Senix on \"Hot Track\", which is obviously a remix of Gwen Stefanis \"What You Waiting For?\" - Triptych really has a unique touch with his funky, uplifting club-full on, but the quality of this track is certainly debatable. Some will cringe when the vocals come on, other will take it as a cheeky attempt to make something genuinely fun for the dancefloor - I guess it depends on my mood how well I like it.

04. Shanti – Flight Of The Phoenix [142 BPM]
Shanti Matkin, also known as Juvenile, is up next with \"Flight Of The Phoenix\" - a well-produced, likeable track, which doesn\'t really do anything fresh though. Good, wholesome morning full on in the usual Shanti style, that I could easily imagine playing at the right set and setting, but it wont win any awards for originality.

05. Tranan – In To Paradise [143 BPM]
Swedish Johan Petterson, one half of Logic Bomb, is up next with his soloproject Tranan. It starts out with an over 2 minute long and moody Shpongle-esque intro, before setting into a bouncy groove - certainly with more than just a hint of the Logic Bomb sound from \"Unlimited\". Add to that some deep, mysterious melodies and you have a track that\'ll bring back some sweet memories.

06. Oforia - Instant Food (Triptych Remix) [144 BPM]
Frances Triptych appears once again - this time with a remix for Oforias \"Instant Food\", released a few years ago on \"Full On 7\" from HOMmega. This version is a lot more crisp and uplifting compared to the original - the old one was very morning oriented as well, but this is even more euphoric, and contains some of Triptychs well-known clever, groovy twists along the way. Will undoubtedly a bit too cheesy for some people, but I like it.

07. Elec 3 - No Time To Chill [145 BPM]
\"No Time To Chill\" is by the Israeli duo Elec3 - an act who is at the moment causing huge waves in the progressive house scene with their sideproject Brisker & Magitman. This is straight on full on trance though, just as on their album released on Turbo Trance last year, and although it doesn’t really hold up to the stand out tracks here, it is quite above the usual standard for the style.

08. Prosper - Crystal Falls [143 BPM]
The Serbian producer Prosper, who recently released an album on Exposure Productions, follow up with \"Crystal Falls\". Stylistic, this is quite close to the sound Elec3 is making, meaning straight on full on with a slight hint of electro and trance - very uplifting and clubby, with sparkly crystal melodies. If you liked his last album, this will be right down your alley as well.

09. Tranan - Preacher Boy (Silicon Sound Remix) [138 BPM]
Last but not least we have Silicon Sound remixing Tranans \"Preacher Boy\". Calling the original would be something of an overstatement, but it did get a lot of airplay back when it was released 5 years ago, and this rework certainly does the original a lot of justice. It\'s running at 138 BPM, and is sort of like a fusion between the rolling, fluid full on Silicon Sound sound, and more progressive ass-shaking grooves. Splendid remix!

Bottom line:

Senix really did a great job on this compilation - sure, you won\'t find the most forward-thinking contemporary psychedelic trance here, but for the genre, this is certainly one of the better releases out there at the moment. If you\'re looking for some great, uplifting morning full on, and don\'t mind the occasional genre-crossing to oldschool psychedelic trance and newschool progressive trance, this release will do just the trick.


1 (!), 2 (!), 5 (!), 6, 9 (!!)




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