Cosmicleaf Records "Nova Natura 3"

Author: Juggler
Date: Oct 22, 2007
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Cosmicleaf Records – Nova Natura 3

Promotional Thread

Discover the unique style, the quality and balance between light and dark downtempo emotions.
The combination that perfectly identifies Cosmicleaf\'s sound. Matured as never before the third chapter of the best seller series brings you 11 tracks from lands as Greece, Israel, Australia and Russia to tease your senses and explore your inner world.

The chill out borders of this compilation are wide including styles from Ambient to Dub, from World Fusion to Lounge, even Downtempo Trance to Psy-Breaks, carefully selected from Nick Miamis aka Side Liner.

Including tracks from the talented cosmicleaf roster as D.Batistatos, Cydelix, MLT, Zero Cult, Side Liner and Will-O\'-The-Wisp plus new entries from Red Eye Express (Tempest Recordings, YSE), Chronos (Ajana, Sunline) and Sunhize (Unicorn Music).

Press play and imagine the pure nature which everyone wants to live some day.

1. Cydelix - Fiber Optic
2. Zero Cult - Broken Hope
3. Side Liner - Life Support
4. MLT - Exotic Grenadia
5. Red Eye Express - Song For Alex (Zero Cult remix)
6. D.Batistatos - Sunshine Velvet
7. Cydelix vs Red Eye Express - Una Faccia Una Razza
8. D.Batistatos - Hoover
9. Sunhize - Gnw
10. Chronos - Ice Hearts Age (Side Liner remix)
11. Will-O\'-The-Wisp - Roland In Time


Here is the third compilation of Cosmicleaf’s Nova Natura the promotional thread says, “Press play and imagine the pure nature which everyone wants to live someday”.

Track 1 from Cydelix “Fiber Optic” starts the compilation with an organic downtempo has a lot of pacific but psychedelic sounds, something making remember a water falling, together with some mellow synths and a melodic bassline.

Track 2 is made by Zero Cult and is one of my favourites one side is a very rhythmic and danceable track but for other it’s very relaxing and has an electric but mystic mood on it, really tripping one.

Track 3 is done by Side Liner (one of my favourite chillout acts of this moment) and is called “Life Support”’s all in a downbeat structure, with some electronic noises mixed with some beautiful and quiet synth sounds that makes you be lay down, watching the sky, with no problems at all :)

Track 4 is done by MLT and is a bit more has some psychedelic dark sounds on it, but not too much...there is too some quiet piano notes, doing well with the beats.

Track 5 is a remix of Zero Cult for “Song for Alex”, original made by Red Eye Express...this one is more atmospheric again and has some bright pads and synth sounds that gives a dreaming feeling to it.

Track 6 is “Sunshine Velvet” by D.Batistatos and is another example of that D.Batistatos spooky and atmospheric has some morning acid sounds on it and a downbeat building up structure, just think that could be a bit longer...

Track 7 is another one by Cydelix but this time with Red Eye has a dubbie bassline, with some morning and quiet elements, some man’s voice samples giving a rhythmic feeling, sunny one :)

Track 8 is done by D.Batistatos and has some vocal samples that I don’t like so has a nice dubbie groove but seems very similar from the beginning till the end.

Track 9 “Gnw” is done by Sunhize and catch us to a more melancholic and introspective has some twisted downbeats and some electronic heavy samples floating in and out...nice but not my favourite.

Track 10 is another remix, this time Side Liner remixing “Ice Hearts” by’s in the same melancholic atmosphere of the last one but has a bit more sunny sounds on it and a deepest bassline.

Track 11 is done by Will-O-The-Wisp and ends the compilation in a relaxed and pacific ambient mood, teleporting us into a parallel chilled reality, with some psychedelic beats coming at the end.

In my opinion we have a nice compilation here, all the tracks have a bit of the same style but by two sides, some more melancholic and heavy and some more sunny and favourites are 1,2,3,5 and 9, strongly recommended :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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