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Author: Juggler
Date: Jul 2, 2008
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Phanatic - OutsiderUtopia Records Promotional Thread

The year is 2008 and Utopia Records are proud to present Phanatic's second album - 'Outsider'. Kfir Lankry, the name behind the 'Phanatic' project, is a talented musician/producer who got hooked up by electronic music at the very tender age of 10 and that led him to start producing since the very young age of 13. Almost 10 years later, Kfir has already a huge number of single releases and his very successful debut album, 'In my head'(Utopia / 2006) was the cause of a massive dance floor infection due to Phanatic's live performances in countless events all over the world.
For his second album Kfir deliberately wanted to create something that would 'stand out from the crowd' and in that way would become a kind of an outsider. The result truly stands out...9 dancefloor hits with diverse sounds and styles merged into an album that reflects his personality, musical experience and production skills. It features collaborations with some well known artists in the scene such as: Ananda Shake, Bizzare Contact and Electro Sun and Stereomatic.
Phanatic's 'Outsider'...for people who like to think 'outside the box'!
Track list:

01 Phanatic - Let's Get Dirty
02 Phanatic - Tokyo Nights
03 Phanatic - Distortion Maniac
04 Phanatic - Superfunk
05 Phanatic - Machines
06 Phanatic - Phananda
07 Phanatic - Land Of Confusion
08 Phanatic - Illusions
09 Phanatic - Lifeform

After lots of dancefloor bombs in 1 album and some compilations, here comes the second studio album from Kfir Lankry, let’s listen it.
The first track is really funky has a deep and hard bassline at the same time, groovy synths and leads, with a perfect morning melody in the end. Track 2 was previously released in “Native Sound” from Noga Records and is one of my favourites here...groovy bassline, some rhythm noises, nice vocal sample and it ends with a really morning feeling. “Distortion Maniac” comes in a more aggressive has a fat and strong bassline, lots of morning sounds that with the rhythmics sounds amazing and energetic, nice brake on the middle creating a beautiful and pacific atmosphere. Track 4 “Superfunk” is a cooperation with Electro Sun and Stereomatic and have the better of each one, in my opinion the melodies from Electro Sun and the rhythmics from Stereomatic, all mixed with Phanatic’s funky structure. “Machines” is a cooperation too, this time with Bizzare my opinion is the darker track of the album, it has a strong progressive bassline, mixed with some night sounds and melodies, always involved in a strong structure. “Phananda” is a funny name, resulting from the combination of Phanatic and Ananda Shake...fat and groovy bassline, good percussions, marvellous melodies, perfect for ending a party or a dj set. Track 7 “Land of Confusion” is my favourite here and one of my favourite morning fullon tracks of the year...groovy bassline, lots of morning tunes, some dreamy leads, quiet and pacific melodies, really good production J “Illusions” has a groovy and chained bassline, well constructed breaks, some acid 303 sounds mixed with some robotic and digital vocal samples, nice one. For finishing the album, we have Lifeform...another great morning track, with some psychedelic synths with bright notes, groovy bassline always changing, good for summer festivals at afternoon J We have here a great album, I was thinking that was more vocals on it but I was completely wrong, we have here lots of strong and mature morning music for our ears, with a really great production quality...completely dancefloor music J 9/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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