Various Artists - London Landscapes (Furthur Progressions, April 2009)

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Date: Apr 8, 2009
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The new label Furthur Progressions is ready with their debut release, featuring tracks from Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Earsugar, Dick Trevor, Shadow FX and more.

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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records)




Artist: Various
Title: London Landscapes
Label: Furthur Progressions
Format: CD/MP3
Released: April 2009


In a time with rapidly declining CD-sales, we don't see many new labels launching with lineups of already very well-known artists. Furthur Progressions have done just that with the release of their debut compilation "London Landscapes" though. A CD with 9 tracks (mostly unreleased) made by a long list of international headliners on the progressive psytrance scene such as Ace Ventura, Earsugar/Liquid Soul, Shadow FX and Dick Trevor as well as newer artists like Cimi and Dog Soldiers.

Behind the new label and compiling the compilation is the two UK-based DJ's Bedouin and Hamish who are high in demand in their homeland, as well has having played on major international festivals like Universo Paralello and Boom. Let's see what they've selected for us.

01. Insane Creation & DJ Shybe - Deep Mac [130 BPM]
First track is a Swiss collaboration between the DJ Shybe and Insane Creation, who has released two albums on DOMO Records over the years. The intro is somewhat promising at first, but it is quite impaired by a cheesy and quite frankly silly voice-sample. The track itself is a laidback outdoor-track with a quite standardized electro-progressive bassline. Didn't really appeal to me.

02. Shadow FX - Exhale [135 BPM]
Next up is one of the Australia's most noticeable newer progressive artists in later years, Shadow FX. With an interesting mix of funky/jazzy grooves, psychedelic effects and heavy tribal percussions he's managed to make some very outdoor-friendly music which really comes alive when played on a big and powerful PA. "Exhale" is no exception, and fans of his previous releases will definitely feel right at home.

03. Dick Trevor - Zuffle Shuffle [134 BPM]
British Dick Trevor is one of the remaining pioneers of the psychedelic trance, and his involvement in several successful projects over the past 15 years, such as the Green Nuns Of The Revolution, Tufaan, Bumbling Loons, AMD, Infernal Machine, Jumanji and Green Oms speaks for itself. His contribution to the compilation is "Zuffle Shuffle" - a deep, chunky progressive trance groover with a solid afternoon groove and subtle hints of goa-esque synths in the background. Great summer track.

04. Earsugar - Mindprint [132 BPM]
Like many probably already know, Earsugar is a collaboration between Nicola from Liquid Soul and DJ Martin, both from Switzerland. Together they have released tracks on labels like Iboga Records, HOMMega, Plusquam and Blue Tunes, and "Mindprint" is another possible summer anthem from the successful duo. Take a trademark pumping bassline and some lovely arpeggios and you have a track destined to be played a lot this summer.

05. Ace Ventura - Genesis [135 BPM]
To say the least, the former Psysex-member Yoni Oshrat has had huge success with his soloproject Ace Ventura, and his contribution to the compilation is the monstrous "Genesis". With its powerful full on/progressive trance it has some resemblance to "The Spark", but the real bomb here is the point where the bassline goes offbeat, spiced with some male voice-samples (sounds like Raja Ram to me). Another sure winner from Ace Ventura.

06. Etic vs. Orgapulse - Daylight Hookers (Cimi Remix) [133 BPM]
Cimi is the soloproject of Marchello Bacchesci, who is also part of the full on project M-Theory. Here he has remixed "Daylight Hookers" by Etic and Orgapulse, and the result is a very deep and atmospheric afternoon-track. At first I didn't think much of it to be honest, but over time it has really grown on me. Good track.

07. Liquid Soul - Perfect Day [135 BPM]
"Perfect Day" is the second track with Nicola Capobianco on the compilation - this time with his Liquid Soul soloproject. In my opinion it's one of the absolute standout tracks on the compilation, and it's a textbook example of what has made him so successful; immaculate trance-influenced melodies and crystal-clear, crisp and dancefriendly basslines. Morning trance at its best.

08. Sentrafuge - No Words (Original Mix) [128 BPM]
Next up is "No Words" by Sentrafuge, the progressive-minded sideproject of Protoculture. It was originally released back in 2007 on an EP on Plastik Park Records and the EP was played a lot that summer. A really good, deep progressive house tune with naive melodies. To me it was a nice flashback to the summer of 2007, but to release a tune already released 2 years ago is frankly filler-material to me.

09. Dog Soldiers - Denmark [120 BPM]
Last track is from the relatively new duo Dog Soldiers consisting of Ed Hill (Presuming Ed) and Alex Harris (Alex Q-Bit). After 8 dancefloor-tracks, this is much more laidback and is a sort of breakbeat/progressive house fusion. Fine little tune to close the compilation.

Bottom line:

"London Landscapes" is one of the better progressive psytrance compilations I've heard in a while. While most other progressive releases at the moment seem to be very focused on either the German offbeat-sound or be quite house/techno-oriented, Hamish and Bedouin has selected 9 tunes which are more true to the roots and in the vein of a label like Iboga Records. They don't break new ground with the release, but as a progressive psytrance compilation it is - despite a few blunders - a solid release.

Recommend release.


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