2007 resons to trance in Greece

B(l)ooming trance scene in Greece

Author: Nick Miamis
Date: Jul 4, 2007
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2007 reasons to trance in Greece

The variety of new releases, new artists, labels and events expanded rapidly in Greece during 2006 giving a promising outlook for the future. We were also blessed with an amazing open-air experience in the form of Butterfly 2006 and are looking forward to a new Island of Fire in 2007.

Event promoters like Eternal Motion, Free Frequency, Moonsun, Natural High, Neverland, Plasmatica and Space Frequency continue to offer us a range of party experiences, with international lineups playing alongside local acts and DJs. As for the natural born chillers, they get weekly doses every Sunday from 16:00 in Athens with “Nova Natura” at Bank Café- El.Venizelou in Salonica and at “Digital Utopia” at Aldebaran Bar in Ntepo.

Regarding music, 2006 not only saw the release of the latest album from Greek legends Wizzy Noise, but also the development of many promising new labels. Moonsun records, Medusa records, Mental Cruelty, Night Oracle and Slik’it all appeared on the scene, proving that Greece is becoming a hot place for producers. Our online radio shows, Bassline and DanceRadio.gr, have grown steadily with Bassline streaming mostly Psychedelic, Progressive and Chill-out and Dance Radio streaming House, Progressive & Electro.

Held at a beautiful location in Nikiforos Drama over the last weekend of August 2006, the Neverland team invited the global Psy community to Butterfly festival showing them that Greece is still a great place to party. Featuring an international lineup alongside Greek acts like Palyrria and DJs like Alex, Didis and Nexon, they managed to host a memorable debut.

Another summer gathering worth mentioning was that of Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records inside the old fortress of Karababa at Chalkis. Held on the 2nd of September, it was the first time that an electronic music event took place inside a historical monument in Greece.

And for all those planning their European summers, we’re delighted to be able to make this early announcement: Tell A Vision and It Record Shop are organising the “Island of Fire Festival 2007” on Lemnos island. This open-air festival will take place on the 27, 28 and 29 July 2007 with international guests (Aba Structure, Aes Dana, System 7, Uni and more) as well as support from local artists like D.Batistatos, Side Liner and Percussion Bullet. So plan ahead and prepare yourselves for a hot electronic summer in Greece and until the next time, lets spread good music around and be happy!





Nick Miamis aka Side Liner







Date: Jule 04, 2007
Text: Nick aka Side Liner
Photos: Nick Miamis
Taken from: "Trancer´s Guide To The Galaxy magazine"


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