Genetic Spin - Spin City

Psytropic Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Dec 17, 2006
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Genetic Spin – Spin City
Psytropic Records

Promotional Thread

“Spin City” is Genetic Spin’s 3rd studio album out on PsyTropic Records.
After two full years from the last album “Backspin” Genetic Spin strikes back much stronger than ever in the past. The listener will feel a mind-blowing and pure quality power inside each of the nine tracks. Every track shows sensitive maturity and accuracy in choosing sounds, elements and ingredients for story-telling. Furthermore it is a nice blend of different kinds of stories – which allows travelling highly from vocalised progressive tracks or morning stomping tracks to the point of gloomy full-on tracks and forward-pushing morning tunes. The listener will feel the diversity of Genetic Spin and its emotional power.
“Spin City” is a new meaning to so-called Progressive Trance and Full-On with freshness and atmosphere for homelistening, car rides and at last and most of all for the dancefloor.
It is not a secret anymore that this album will surprise you and last in your mind for a long time.
Mastering by Son Kite

Track list:

1 – Desperate House Beats
2 – The Fridge (Feat. Dj Vazik)
3 – Hybrid (Feat. Cecilie Sadolin)
4 – Lord of the Strings Rmx
5 – Shoplifting
6 – Spin City
7 – Memotech
8 – Monkey Business
9 – No Idea


Here comes the third album from Genetic Spin, lets listen it.

Track 1 starts in a progressive and quiet has a strong and deep atmosphere, nice breaks, a vocal sample a bit repetitive but that fits good with the other elements.

Track 2 is done with Dj Vazik and continues in the same progressive feeling, but this time a bit more has a groovy and playful bassline, some little vocals, nice construction.

Track 3 is one of the more groovier and pacifics of the has some percussions, a groovy and quiet bassline, vocals by Cecilie Sadolin, very interesting.

Track 4 returns to a more slow mood we have nice morning synth sounds, a progressive and hard bassline, just a bit repetitive.

Track 5 enter in an electro has some deep electronic melodies, a kind of an industrial bassline, open hihats, different but nice.

Track 6 is very spacial and has a digital kick bassline, some electro morning groove, psy sounds coming in and out, one more example of a psychedelic electro track.

Track 7 is a more solid take us in a more fullon atmosphere, with some psychedelic morning arpeggios, a woman vocal sample very smooth and some breakbeats, all together done a good rhythmic job.

Track 8 is a kind of an electro progressive fullon track...fat bassline, nice breaks, some psy tunes, perfect for a summer festival :)

Track 9 is the choosed one for ending this has a nice construction, some tribal beats with a dreamy psychedelic vibe, some snares making the rhythm, nice and deeply atmospheric.

This third album by Genetic Spin is like a catalog of we can get at a psychedelic trance has all types and kinds of psychedelic music, we can find here some psychedelic electro, progressive and fullon tracks, a tasty album for all tastes :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Dj Juggler

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