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Cosmicleaf Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 30, 2006
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D. Batistatos – Architect
Cosmicleaf Records

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Music Architecture And Electronic Structures for Comfortable Living!
After several releases the sound of D.Batistatos matured and Cosmicleaf proudly deliver you for once more a unique masterpiece. Impulsively, open-minded and impressively, D.Batistatos created this diversity of tracks for various daily moments and comfortable living.

Discover his minimal melodic cinematic elements, his dubby moments, the ambient atmospheres and his alternative sound in some parts where the peacefully balance of chill meets pop and rock. D.Batistatos blended all these instruments in a wonderful chilling soundtrip.

On this album participates also and other cosmileaf artists like Side Liner, Zero Cult, Cydelix and Red Eye Express from Tempest Recordings.

Track list:

1 – Coming Home
2 – Crazy Sick Monkeys (Cydelix Rmx)
3 – Tall Stories
4 – Shining
5 – Drifting Memories (Zero Cult Rmx)
6 – In Time
7 – Summer Wind
8 – Driving
9 – Fat Ninja
10 – Architect
11 – The Mood That I’m In (Red Eye Express Rmx)
12 – In the Bottom of the Ocean (Side Liner Rmx)
13 – Melancholia


After some releases on compilations, here is the debut album from D. Batistatos.

Track 1 starts very quiet and mellow...it has nice percussions, a lot of organic and mystical intruments, great one for ending a night.

Track 2 is remixed by Cydelix...it has some psychedelic triphop beats, with a nice rhythm on it, accomplished by a pacific melody.

Track 3 take us into a downbeat tempo...there are some dubby vibes coming around, some organic instuments mixed with synth sounds, great for flying :)

Track 4 have a dubbier and fat bassline, some psychedelic sounds coming and going and some percussions, all creating a shining atmosphere.

Track 5 is remixed by Zero Cult...it has a beautiful and sharming flute with some downbeats and hihats backwards, that together with some psy tunes makes your mind going in a very relaxed way.

Track 6 is another beautiful and very quiet piece of work...it has some wonderful melodies, a dreamy and deep atmosphere, some digital and industrial little psy sounds, my favourite here :)

Track 7 have a more funkier feeling...it has a nice morning atmosphere, some calm beats, a voice sample with effects coming in and out...

Track 8 is a singing one...it has a lot of organic instruments playing, some pop rock man vocals very subtil and tranquil, good but not to playing at a party.

Track 9 take us into a more experimental and electronic side of chilling...it has a really nice and funny mood, acoomplished by some groovy downbeats.

Track 10 have the name of the album and is another time travel to our industrial rock concerts nights...it has some distorted guitar riffs, some machinery synth sounds, a bit too agressive.

Track 11 returns to the downbeat age...is a bit more quiet but has again that distorted guitar riffs and the industrial strong tunes of the last...some melodies creating a suspense mood...

Track 12 is another one remixed by Side Liner...it has a downbeat evolving kick bassline, some tribal percussions, very great and rhythmic vibe :)

Track 13 is like when you are at a movie and the movie ends...its very short (2m10s), has some orchestal instruments mixed with some synth tunes...perfect for the end.

Really nice tracks here, with great releases in compilations and now with this album, I can think in D.Batistatos like one of the best chillout producers of this moment :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler


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