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Author: Juggler
Date: Feb 15, 2007
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Electronic Soundscapes – Polymorphic Convolutions

Promotional Thread

Electronic Soundscapes represents the \'open-air\' approach that was first established...
...on Samothraki Island and plans to extend this vision, by representing an \'open-air\' sound and by releasing global psychedelically undefined chill music of the finest quality.
Compiled by DJ Arash Atman, Polymorphic Convolutions is the first compilation to be released by Athens based downtempo freestyle label. Featuring a selection of exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from some of the world\'s most innovative chill-out producers, Polymorphic Convolutions transports the listener to the shady beachstage at Samothraki - the ultimate chill destination, where many of these artists performed live.
Electronic Soundscapes, aims to release only music of the highest standards from acknowledged global artists but also from underground and fresh acts, merging this way the gap for quality music that exists in modern discography, as well as old with new, therefore creating a new subgenre which lies between uptempo atmospheric chill and ambient downtempo dance tunes.

Track list:

1 – Adham Shaikh – Ohm
2 – Solar Quest – Tolker’s Dream (Samothraki in dub mix)
3 – Zen Lemonade – Lotus Eaters
4 – Patchwork – Samothraki
5 – Adham Shaikh – Somptin Happnin’ (Bansuri Rmx)
6 – Mauxuam – A Lot of Sound
7 – Legion of Green Men – Constellation (Adham Shaikh Rmx)
8 – Grey Area – Time is the Fire
9 – Ishq – Ankh (Samothraki Rmx)


Here we have a compilation inspired in the Samothraki’s Dance Festival, I wasn’t there but with this playlist seems that the ambient floor was really magestic, let’s listen.

The compilation starts with a track done my Adham Shaikh, in an oriental dubtempo mood...there are some deep and beautiful woman canticles, all in a dubbiest pacific atmosphere, taking your mind into the tropical beach.

Track 2 is done by Solar Quest and continues in the same dubbiest deep atmosphere...it has a mixture of some synth sounds with some organic instruments, that gives to your soul a great relaxed feeling.

Track 3 is done by Zen Lemonade and is a bit more lively...it has a fat and deep bassline, with some morning-happy tunes and has too some psychedelic sounds coming in and out, allways very quiet.

Track 4 is done by Patchwork and is my favourite here...this track takes you into a nice progressive and tribal atmosphere, seems to be evolving always for a place very beautiful and dreamy...really great construction of all elements.

Track 5 is the second one by Adham Shaikh here but this time a bit more cheerful and in a downbeat tempo...it has some mellow and cheesy sounds, some nice and rhythmic percussions, all accomplished by a beautiful and dreamy flute, another one for the tropical beach :)

Mauxuam brings “A lot of sound”, a more dark and trippy track...it has some digital guitar riffs very calm, with some industrial psy sounds, taking us in a more gloomy and trippy side of ambient music.

Track 7 is a remix by Adham Shaikh of “Constellation”, originaly done by Legion of Green Men...this one has a lot of tribal elements, seems to be a bit more fast and morning oriented, with some digital and electronic synth sounds mixed with the organic ones.

Track 8 is done by Grey Area and takes us again to that night dreamy and trippy feeling...it has some playful keen sounds, some happy and rhythmic bells, all in a downbeat shinning tempo.

For finishing this superb compilation we have the Samothraki Rmx of the well known Ankh by Ishq...this track seems to be like a voyage into an astral universe, for one side very beautiful and shinning and for other side very deep and insecure...one of my favourite Ishq tracks.

For me it was a big surprise this compilation, really nice tracks, the majority in a dubbiest mood, all very exotic and tropical...I really hope that we have more Samothraki’s in the near future :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler


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