Shulman - Random Thoughts

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Author: Juggler
Date: Oct 14, 2006
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Shulman – Random Thoughts
Aleph Zero Records

Promotional Thread

Shulman\'s third album is a special and different experience. As the title hints, it contains different compositions in different tones that accumulated in Shulman\'s studio independently of any specific album project.
We invite you to diverse and faraway corners of the Shulman mindscape, to experience new sounds, interpretations and sonic surprises, as Shulman stretch the limits of their musical universe of to new and exciting soundscapes. The duo spends time here interpreting Middle Eastern music as they see it, including remixing and collaborating with world famous Turkish giant Omar Faruk Tekbilek; They offer a surprising twisted jazzy lookout at things; collaborate with successful US artist Bluetech on a relaxed IDM piece; remix Israeli trance kings Sub6 and the chilled French duo Entheogenic; Surprise with their version of an actual vocal song; And finish things with an ambient track, Shulman style.
It all combines into melting pot of fresh challenging music that must not be missed.

Track list:

1 – Shulman – OMG
2 – Bluetech & Shulman – Midnight Bloom
3 – Shulman – Zero Degrees
4 – Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson – Ra He’ya (Shulman Rmx)
5 – Entheogenic – Spaced (Shulman Rmx)
6 – Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan – Ya Bouy (Shulman Rmx)
7 – Shulman – Look Honey it’s the Vitties!!!
8 – Shulman feat. Lee Triffon – I Dive
9 – Shulman – Staring at the Abyss


Shulman is one of my favourite chillout artists, lets listen his new album :)

It starts very quiet and pacific, seems that we are waking up from a 12 hour-sleep night...a man vocal sample coming in and out with some effects...after comes some downbeats, with cheesy and relaxed sounds.

Track 2 with Bluetech bring us more minutes of very pleasant and relaxed sounds...nice atmospheric ambience, a very sweet melody, some woman vocal samples taking us to paradise...

This one is my favourite here, simply beautiful...I can’t describe it because is simply perfect, the only words I can say are emotionally, mellow, sweet :)

Track 4 is the remix of our well known Ra He’ya from’s a bit more agressive, has nice new sounds ands effects but I think I prefer the trance version.

This one is a remix from Entheogenic – has a downbeat kick bassline, some psychedelic tunes very bright, perfect for listening in the way back home after some party :)

Track 6 is another remix by has a downbeat atmosphere, some synth sounds very digital mixed with organic instruments – all together gives a very spacy feeling to the track.

Track 7 is a bit more into drum’n’bass...I like a lot this style but I think for listening at a chillout room is a bit agressive.

Track 8 is the come back to the more pacific and emotionaly sounds...beautiful women voices very quiet, some dowbeats with an exotic rhythm, very relaxing :)

Track 9 is a simple and nice ambient takes you into a very peacefull atmosphere, where you just see what you want...perfect for finishing this album.

After listen this one, Shulman continues to be in my opinion one of the greatest chillout producers of our times, my favourite track is undoubtedly Zero Degrees but I like almost all the others.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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