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Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 23, 2006
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Cosmic Tone – Singularity
Com.Pact Records

Promotional Thread

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the release of Cosmic Tone - Singularity CD. Singularity CD is Cosmic Tone\'s 4th featured album, and is definitely his strongest release till date.Cosmic Tone\'s long fruitful quest has been launched back in 2001 with the release of Overwhelming CD, Cosmic Tone\'s unprecedented debut album, which quickly placed him side by side with the scenes progressive trance leaders.
Throughout his career, and as expected of artists with such caliber and musical influence, The Cosmic Tone sound has kept evolving, maturing, yet leaving the significant Cosmic Tone sound we have all been effected by.The Cosmic Tone sound has developed into a more full-on oriented style of trance, yet still bearing the strong emotional aspects and power of his initial direction and much apparent musical signature.
Cosmic Tone\'s sound is 100% dance floor music, directed and aimed to satisfy the people on the dance floor, excellent sound and highly melodic and kicking, it fits perfectly a multitude of scenarios, it doesn\'t matter of you are driving your car, sitting at home or in a party, Singularity CD will definitely fit and please you.
Cosmic Tone has and is performing heavily all over the world, on pretty much any respected stage in Europe, constantly pushing his abilities and skill forward, testing the limitation of sound and its production.
Cosmic Tone\'s tracks have been featured in over 40 compilations under respected labels worldwide, more new tracks are expected to be released in the next few months.Singularity includes 10 previously unreleased tracks, all strong, vibrant and addictive, it includes 2 exciting collaborations, Smack the Power up - featuring Aquatica, definitely one of the summers recognized hits. Katyushka - featuring Visual Paradox (Dj Bog), with a totally uplifting fresh hit.

Track list:

1 – Open the Gate
2 – Important News
3 – Smack the Power Up feat. Aquatica
4 – Psycosmic Sound
5 – Katyushka feat. Visual Paradox
6 – I Volume
7 – Title War
8 – Avanero Spice
9 – Stereo Crystal
10 – Source of Life


After great 3 albuns, here comes the 4th by Cosmic Tone.

Track 1 starts very slow and has a fat and nice kick bass line, some sunshine melodies, allways with lots of rhythm.

Track 2 is much more fast (almost more 8 bpm) has that morning feeling again, heavy bassline, some acidic morning synths, nice and deep tunes to finishing a party.

Track 3 is done with Aquatica and is another morning hit...sunny summer melodies, some nice and deep vocals by Spair Asi, this takes you definetely to space :)

Track 4 has a nice and welcome digital and tech feeling on has some floating vocals by Moira, really nice build ups, some percussions, all accomplished by a fat bassline and some groovier melodies.

Track 5 is done with Visual has some nice and morning melodies all track long, it’s one of that tracks that comes always like a breath of hope in every party, very refreshing :)

Track 6 is another track with the more well known sample of trance tracks “I Volume...”, this one is a festival track, to listen at a big and natural place under a blue and sunny sky.

Track 7 is another one full of rhythm and very has a nice electronic feeling on it, seems like you are guided in some kind of a trip around the clouds...very nice construction.

Track 8 take us again to a more progressive and slow atmosphere...very pacific morning sounds and melodies, some quiet synths going around, perfect for finishing a party.

Track 9 comes a bit more fast and electro...its a nice twilight track, in my opinion very good for ending a night and starting a new has some tight atmospheres, with that fat Cosmic Tone’s bassline.

Track 10 ends the album in a groovy progressive away, like it has some robotic digital sounds, nice and prog build ups, always with the psychedelic feeling on it.

In general I liked a lot this 4th album by Cosmic Tone, its all very melodic and pacific, all tracks have a great morning feeling and a great danceable rhythm, in my opinion the perfect soundtrack for any summer festival :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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