Various Artists - Trash Art

Tribal Vision, December 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 3, 2007
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Trash Art
Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD (with 8-page inlay and DJ case insert)
Released: December 2006


Tribal Vision Records - if you\'ve been following the progressive psytrance sound in the last years, you have no doubt come across this Czech label which, since the first release in late 2004, has become one of the most respected labels in the scene, and one of the strongest ambassadors for the incorporation of progressive and electro-house into the melting-pot that is progressive psytrance. The newest release from Tribal Vision is compiled by the labels now well-known founder and label-manager DJ Slater, and consists of 10 tracks and remixes - a couple of them already released on previous digital and/or vinyl-releases from Tribal Vision.

01. Roman Rai - Disco On The Mothership [130 BPM]
First track is by Czech Roman Rai or - as he was called on the first releases - just Rai. His first releases where very mellow and gentle-sounding, but his more recent creations has been moving more and more towards the dirtier, trendy electro-house sound. \"Disco On The Mothership\" is sort of between the 2 worlds - laidback pre-party material, but still with a certain hint of electro-edge. Nice enough opener.

02. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn - Rabbit Whole [129BPM]
Eelke Kleijn is my pick for best producer in 2006 where he, both alone and teaming up with Nick Hogendoorn and C-Jay (and earlier also with Roger Van Bostelen as M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight), has released some stunning material on labels like Baroque, Tilth, Plastik Park and Lost Language. \"Rabbit Whole\" is another nice collaboration with Nick Hogendoorn, and is a bit less trancy than I\'ve come accustomed to by these guys - oozing with quality.

03. Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere (Thomas Penton Remix) [130 BPM]
Next up is Thomas Pentons remix for the title-track from Fitalics \"Atomic Atmosphere\" debut album. Ironically one of the weaker tracks from that album, but Penton has given it a really nice treatment, giving it a much more clubby approach, and it really works like a charm. Big breakdown, catchy riffs and very crowd-pleasing grooves.

04. Brisker & Magitman - Single Shot [130 BPM]
Israeli duo seems to have released hundreds of tracks this year - some of their first were amazing, but after that I must admit it\'s been hard to keep up, also because some of their later material has been lacking in quality. \"Single Shot\" is not too bad though - it\'s a bit more stripped down than usual, and has an energetic drive that\'ll get the dancefloor absolutely worked up. Certainly does the job.

05. Tegma - David\'s Song [130 BPM]
Next track is from Swedish duo Tegma, who after their latest album \"Around The World In 80 Minutes\" is now considered one of Tribal Visions most loyal acts. I found \"David\'s Song\" a very messy mix of progressive trance, tribal and electro house - and like their recent appearance on Echoes Recods, also way bellow what I consider their usual standard. Disappointment.

06. Duca - Dirty Mind [126 BPM]
Croatian Duca seems to be the upcoming progressive act on everybody\'s lips at the moment, with appearances on labels like Iboga, Moonflower and Blue Tunes. I haven\'t heard all of the tracks released so far, but must say I have a hard time understanding the hype from what I\'ve heard, and \"Dirty Mind\" is no exception. Nice pseudo-electro grooves, but I found the vocals poorly executed and quite annoying.

07. Phony Orphants - Monkey Business [128 BPM]
Danish duo Phony Orphants is up next - in my opinion it\'s one of the best acts in the art of fusing electro-house and progressive psytrance, and \"Monkey Business\" is not really an exception, although it doesn\'t quite have the hit-potential as some of the best work from their latest album. Very delicate sound, very well-produced and with enough catchiness to still make it go down well if played at the right time.

08. Flowjob - Run Baby Run (Antix Remix) [130 BPM]
\"Run Baby Run\", the opening-tune (and my personal favourite) from Flowjobs \"Support Normality\" album is getting the remix-treatment by Antix who are on the way with a new album for the upcoming party-season. At first it sounds a bit strange with those reversed and chopped up the vocals from the original, and although it\'s not a bad tune in any way, it never reaches the quality of the original.

09. Fitalic & Jaan - Voice Of Istanbul [130 BPM]
On \"Voice Of Istanbul\" Fitalic teams up with Jaan - a tune already released digitally before the release of Fitalics debut-album, and it\'s certainly among my favourites here. Very trancy and dreamy compared to most of the material on the album, with big lush sounds and simple, delicious melodies - definitely a peak-time tune for the progressive clubs.

10. Jaïa & Silicon Sound aka Even 11 - Like This [130 BPM]
Last but not least is Even 11 - a collaboration between some of France\'s finest ambassadors for the uplifting progressive and psychedelic sound, and after 2 stunning progressive/full on appearances on Exposure Productions latest compilations, \"Like This\" is much different. Imagine a bit of the phat electro-craze in the grooves, loaded up with some enormous out-of-this-world pads - after hearing their liveset on Sonica in 2006 I was kind of expecting this, and I must say they don\'t disappoint. Keeping up with the zeitgeist of the electro-wave, but giving it a twist of their personal sound - great stuff.

Bottom line:

In short, \"Trash Art\" doesn\'t fully live up to it\'s predecessor \"Street Art\", and I generally found the standard on the majority of Tribal Visions earlier compilations a tad higher - not saying it\'s bad stuff in general, but I\'m just not as impressed as I used to be, I personally feel the electro-trend is getting a bit tiring, and last but not least some of the best tracks on \"Trash Art\", where tracks I already had from their digital release, which probably had a slightly negative impact on my final judgement.

Like always from Tribal Vision, \"TrashArt\" is a good DJ-tool, and most of these tracks will undoubtedly get massive airplay in the clubs in the coming months, but I just don\'t find it as fresh as I used to.


2, 3, 4, 9, 10 (!)




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