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Domo, February 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Mar 3, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: G-Spot - compiled by DJ Huda-G
Label: Domo
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 16-page inlay)
Released: February, 2006


Domo Records is one of Israel\'s only psytrance labels focusing on the progressive scene, and with almost 4 years behind them, also one of the oldest. The label has had a good run so far, releasing compilations of generally good quality, and albums from well-known, yet not top of the line acts like Insane Creation, Sensifeel and Tomtron and Liesegang. \"G-Spot\" is their newest compilation, compiled by the Israeli DJ Huda-G, and consisting of 9 new tracks from both Israeli locals and international acts.

Before moving on to the track by track review, let me just mention the high-quality cover for the release - much like the standard from Tribal Vision Records, the cover contains an extensive 16-page booklet with information about all the artists involved, including pictures and previous releases - as well as background info about the label and it\'s previous releases. Also included is a small inlay for the DJ-cases (why they left out the BPM\'s is beyond me though) - very good job Domo.

01. V Tunes - Progression [134 BPM]
First tune is from the Swiss duo V Tunes, who had their debut-release on Domo\'s \"Swiss Connection\" compilation back in 2004, and since then have appeared on labels like Plusquam, Groove Zone and VP. \"Progression\" is your average progressive tune - pleasant use of sounds and good production, but it doesn\'t really have anything new to say. A nice enough track, but not very interesting.

02. Yotopia - Zoi [134 BPM]
After the release of the debut-album \"Point Blank\" on Flow last year, the Israeli duo Yotopia has really built a solid reputation around the world, and \"Zoi\" is another fine track from their studio. Generally the track is a bit less fluffy than usual - especially the bass is a lot deeper than their usual slightly plastic grooves, and that is certainly a nice touch. Good track, but with only 61?2 minutes of playing time, I found it a bit too short.

03. Natural Flow & Chromosome - Personal Visit [138 BPM]
Next up is a collaboration between Swedens Chromosome (who\'s probably more well-known as part of Andromeda and Soul Surfer) and Natural Flow from Switzerland, the new progressive sideproject of Rumble Pack and Blue Vortex. Take away the 1 minute long intro with the corny sample about MDMA and you have another high quality track - Andromeda/Chromosomes touch seems most dominant, with lots of distinct, naive Andromeda-like melodies, and although it seems like I\'ve heard it so many times before, it works like a charm.

04. Side A - Altered Ego [138 BPM]
\"Altered Ego\" is by Side A - a one-man project from France, who has so far appeared on labels like Groove Zone, Sub Machine, Candyflip and the late Tatsu Records. \"Altered Ego\" is definitely one of his faster and more trancy tunes, with a plethora of nice, uplifting melodies and a very sweet, innocent attitude. Surely a peak-time morning tune.

05. Liquid Soul - Colours [135 BPM]
Liquid Soul was definitely one of the biggest rising stars in 2005, and with appearances on Iboga, Plusquam, Flow, Plastik Park and many more labels, it seemed like he was featured on every progressive compilation released. \"Colours\" has some uplifting, yet subtle female choir-pads, and generally it is slightly darker than his recent releases, with less uplifting themes and a harder, stomping groove. Solid dance floor material.

06. Sonnenvakuum - Rejected [140 BPM]
Another Swiss project is Sonnenvakuum - despite relatively many releases over the years, they are probably most known for their housier sideproject Sonic Cube, with which they just released their 2nd album on Tribal Vision Records. \"Rejected\" is the fastest track on the compilation, and starts with a long and very atmospheric intro, before a rolling, yet not very dominant bassline is introduced. The track is quite melodic without getting too much, and the atmosphere is deep and thoughtful - at first it didn’t leave a big impression, but after repeated listens I consider it one of my favourites on the CD.

07. Sun Control Species - Interactive [138 BPM]
Straight from the bush-doofs in Australia comes Sun Control Species, an act known for both his deep and subtle tracks for the outdoors, as well as more storming progressive trance monsters. \"Interactive\" is somewhere in between - with its 138 BPM, it\'s certainly not his slowest track to date, but not the busiest either. A huge and very well-produced track - tribal, and generally with a very organic touch, with some clear FREq-influences. Watch out for the upcoming Sun Control Species album on Iboga Records.

08. BLT & DJ Nadi - Space Boogie (Aerospace Remix) [136 BPM]
BLT and DJ Nadi\'s classic \"Space Boogie\" is remixed by Aerospace, the new project of DJ Guyshanti, who was previously a member of Evil Drug Lords. For those of you who have heard the new Aerospace album released on Midijum, you\'ll be familiar with the style in this remix - fine progressive psytrance for the outdoors, light without getting fluffy - but never really stands out.

09. Morax - At First Sight [136 BPM]
Last but not least is Morax, the progressive sideproject of Michael Reznik from the tech-trance project Triac. \"At First Sight\" is a nice comedown for the compilation - the overall atmosphere is really pleasant, with delicious reverbed soundscapes. Towards the end the pace quickens a bit, and the ending with the \"electro\"-samples maybe a bit too chaotic compared to the rest of the track, but overall it\'s one of Moraxes stronger releases.

Bottom line:

I like the vast majority of the tracks on \"G-Spot\", but despite the relatively high quality, none of the tracks are truly amazing. You know - the kind of standout tunes that alone make a compilation worth the money. That aside, in a progressive psytrance scene focusing more on more on house-oriented grooves, \"G-Spot\" does overall provide a solid CD of pumping and trancy dance floor productions.

\"G-Spot\" isn\'t among the very strongest releases lately, but as a DJ-tool you\'ll definitely find good use for it.


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