Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2006 magazine released

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Author: Trancers Guide Crew
Date: Mar 25, 2006
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Date: Mar 25, 2006
Text: The Trancers Guide Crew

Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2006 magazine released

April 2006. Europe prepares for the open air season, Brazil and Australia are just finishing with their major open air festivals and prepare for their indoor club season. If you are traveling around the world and are looking for people who enjoy dancing to trance music as much as you do, the Trancers Guide will lead you to them. We are proud to announce the third edition of our annual Trancers Guide to the Galaxy magazine, the travel guide for the global trance community! It contains information about music, history, parties, festivals, shops, artists, labels and contacts in 31 countries of the world. All this in a sexy cd booklet size format (12x12cm) with 64 full-color pages!

Trance Culture is rapidly developing in many countries around the world, and the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy is out to support the development, cultural exchange and travel of it! In some countries the scenes consolidate, in some they grow but only very rarely they shrink – and if so, it’s due to political reasons. We’re in the best times of our culture, so enjoy it and discover the different facettes of trance while travelling!

The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy is the result of about 100 contributors from about 50 countries working hard to get you the freshest and most complete info from their countries. Due to rising demand we printed 30,000 copies this year and optimized our distribution to be the best distributed international trance magazine that exists. Check our access points page to find the nearest place to get your personal copy or register to get one of the 1000 free copies (until May 31st) or order a Trancers Guide for 1 EUR plus shipping.

Besides the magazine, we will be releasing the second and third Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Compilation on our brand new label Chaishop Records. The first 10-track CD compilation contains progressive tunes by D-Nox & Beckers, Ecliptic, El Zisco, Flame on Fire, Feuerhake vs. Liquid Soul, Flowjob, Pion, Sensifeel, Shen, Shuma and Sonic Cube. And it will of course include the magazine as well. If you want some real music for your journey that will keep you awake for days and will make your travels unforgettable, get the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. II compilation (Release: May 2006). Half a year later we will be releasing the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Vol. III which will be focused on full-on psychedelic sounds.

Last but not least we want to say thanks to all the crew, contributors, advertisers, distributors and readers – without you this magazine would not have been possible!

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