Various Artists - New Order

HOMmega Productions, October 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Oct 23, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: New Order
Label: HOMmega Productions
Format: CD
Released: October 2006


Calling HOMmega one of the psytrance scenes most influential labels would be an understatement - especially in later years, where it was one of the key players in establishing the uplifting and melodic morning full on sound as the most popular subgenre to psychedelic trance, with in-house acts like Astrix, Sub6, Cosma, Pixel, Psysex and Domestic leading the way on some of the over 50 different releases since the labels launch in 1997.

\"New Order\" is the newest compilation from HOMmega, and it\'s looking like quite a surprise as it\'s a distinct departure from the labels usual Israeli full on sound, but now focusing on the increasingly popular progressive sound, ranging from traditionally progressive psytrance over progressive house and even electro, containing some really well-established and well-respected acts from all over the world, compiled by Yoni Oshrat, also known as Ace Ventura and Schatsi, and previously a member of Psysex.

1. Astrix - Just In Time [130 BPM]
The opening tune is by the biggest name in HOMmegas roster, Astrix. With 2 widely popular full on albums, \"Eye To Eye\" and \"Artcore\" he has marked himself as probably one of the strongest ambassadors for full on, but \"Just In Time\" shows a very different side of him. Running at only 130 BPM it\'s certainly a lot slower than usual, but the energy is definitely still here - after the over 2-minute long beat-less intro it develops into a monster of a tune. Think a mixture of \"Underbeat\" from his 2nd album, and the classic tune \"First\" from his Private Taste sideproject and you have an idea of what to expect.

2. FREq - The Earth & The Moon [135 BPM]
FREq from Australia is up next, and fans of his sound will feel right at home with \"The Earth & The Moon\". The sound is huge and energetic, and just built for pounding out of a huge outdoor rig in the afternoon, with sweet melodic structures and delicate takeoffs to please the dancefloor. Really great track, certainly among my favourites from him this year, and easily surpass the majority of the tracks from his latest album.

3. Earsugar - Stay [135 BPM]
Earsugar is the project of Liquid Soul and DJ Martin from Switzerland. Liquid Soul has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and recently released his debut album on Iboga records, while the Earsugar project has been more anonymous, with a few releases on Plusquam, Blue Tunes and Mikrokosmos. \"Stay\" is more energetic than most of the stuff on the recent Liquid Soul debut album, relying on a pounding, rolling groove, and if it had been on that particular album I would have considered it a highlight, but on this compilation it pales a bit.

4. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist [136 BPM]
One of my all-time favourite acts, the Swedish duo Vibrasphere, is up next with \"Thermal Twist\", continuing on the sound from their magnificent 3rd album \"Archipelago\". It has somewhat the same energetic flow like the single-track \"Landmark\", off course with the Vibrasphere-trademark high quality polished sounds and trancy atmospheres - and with some 303-acid twists towards the end of the track. Solid.

5. X-NoiZe - Let Yourself Go (Ticon Remix) [133 BPM]
Another act from Sweden, Ticon take on the task of remixing \"Let Yourself Go\", made by one of HOMmegas in-house full on acts, X-NoiZe, and the result is a sure hit in my book. The Swedes certainly know what it\'s all about at the moment, and their psy-electro-house take on the original is fun, funky and quite simply kicking ass. The vocals from the original are very distinct, and I\'m sure they will result in mixed reactions - either you\'ll absolutely love it or you\'ll hate it to death. I can\'t get enough.

6. Ace Ventura & Intelabeam - The Jhon [135 BPM]
The man behind the compilation, Ace Ventura, team up with his countryman Intelabeam (probably well-known for his full on releases) on the strangely titled \"The Jhon\". Compared to the rest of the compilation it\'s probably among the most psygressive tunes, with a very European festival-sound, sweet, but still subtle melodies and some delicately well-placed voice-samples - strong track. \"Concentrate!\"

7. Emok vs. NDSA - Harbour Candy [128 BPM]
\"Harbour Candy\" is provided by NDSA (New Disco Science Alliance), an almost forgotten sideproject for Ticon, and Emok from Denmark, labelmanager for Iboga Records and member of Phony Orphants. It has sort of the same trademarks as the Ticon-remix for \"Let Yourself Go\" - loads of energy, phat electro-house grooves and a strong vocal-hook. Although not quite on par with the mentioned remix, it does have very big crowd-pleasing potential and is another gem in my book.

8. D-Nox & Beckers - Naked Punch [127 BPM]
Germanys hottest progressive duo in later years, D-Nox & Beckers continue the housier section of the compilation with \"Naked Punch\". Saying that these guys are on fire at the moment would be an understatement, and this is no exception - it\'s more stripped-down, minimal and dirty than some of their most widely known tunes, but in my opinion that\'s certainly not a drawback. Well done.

9. Wrecked Machines vs. V.O.R. - Subtle Flavour [127 BPM]
Last but not least we get a surprising collaboration between two of Brazils most widely known full on artists and DJ\'s, Wrecked Machines and V.O.R.. \"Subtle Flavour\" was previously released on D-Nox & Mental-X\'s Labyrinth mix-CD, and it certainly doesn\'t sound like anything I\'ve heard from Wrecked Machines in the past. It\'s the most calm and laidback track on the compilation, with a quite nice vocal-hook for the girls - pleasant electro-house, suitable for the afterhours.

Bottom line:

\"New Order\" is an amazing compilation, simple as that. Yeah, maybe it was a commercial trick from HOMmega to make a move into the progressive market, but when the music is THIS good, who am I to complain? This is undoubtedly one of the strongest lineups for a progressive psytrance compilation this year, and it doesn\'t disappoint in any way - even though some tunes naturally are better than others, the standouts are downright superb and even the not-so-strong tunes on the CD are of very high quality.

If you want to know what\'s cooking in the progressive scene at the moment, be it massive progressive psytrance, outdoor grooves or more trendy progressive house/electro house, this is one of the most outstanding releases of the year, and an essential DJ-tool for the coming months. Bravo!


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