Various Artists - Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II

Chaishop Records, June 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jun 16, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II
Label: Chaishop Records
Format: CD (Digipack including the \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy 2006\" magazine)
Released: June, 2006


The website has existed for 10 years, and through the years it has achieved the status of becoming one of the undoubtedly most well-known trance-websites in the world. The most recent project Chaishop is involved in, is their new label Chaishop Records, and the first release is \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II\" - a lot might already know the \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy\" magazine, a magazine released once every year (2006 is the 3rd year it is released), covering most of the important trance-scenes around the world.

Last year the official \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy\" compilation was a double-cd released on Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records, but this time around Chaishop decided to do the thing by themselves, and release 2 CD\'s separately, with representatives from some of the countries highlighted in the magazine - one with progressive psytrance, and one with psychedelic/full on. In this review I\'ll be focusing on the progressive release, \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II\"

01. Flowjob - The Asian Persuation [133 BPM]
Denmark is represented by the duo Flowjob, who recently released their debut album \"Support Normality\" on Iboga Records, an album that generally received quite positive feedback. \"The Asian Persuation\" is more traditional progressive psytrance than the output on their album, meaning with less electro-influences, but still with that sunny outdoor vibe people have come to expect from Flowjob. Good job.

02. Shuma - Zora [132 BPM]
Croatia is represented by Shuma, known for their releases on Tribal Vision, Hadshot and Groove Control. Their sound is usually on the techy/electro side, but \"Zora\" is a more fluid and well-polished groover than I was expecting, and that is certainly not a bad thing. It isn\'t as distinct as their earlier material, but in my opinion one of their best tracks so far - no-bullshit outdoor grooves for the daytime.

03. Feuerhake & Liquid Soul - Elmazing Vibe [135 BPM]
Representing Germany is the old Freeform Records regular Feuerhake with a fresh collaboration with the Swiss producer Liquid Soul. \"Elmazing Vibe\" is taken from the 3rd, recent Feuerhake-album \"Re:Start\", and it maintains the sunny outdoor vibe from the first 2 tracks on this compilation, but with a bit more powerful, and quite typical Liquid Soul grooves. Could become a small DJ-favourite this summer.

04. El Zisco - Tango Remix [136 BPM]
El Zisco is representing Chile on this compilation, but he is currently based in Germany, where he has already played on festivals like Fusion and VooV. His first release was last year on Dance N Dust Records, and since then he has appeared on labels like Plastik Park and Iono, and there is an album on its way on Dance N Dust Records. \"Tango Remix\" is, in my opinion his least impressive release so far - quite standard German psyprogressive with some slightly annoying voice-samples.

05. D-Nox & Beckers - One Shot (Flame On Fire Remix) [128 BPM]
The upcoming Greek producer Flame On Fire take on the difficult task of remixing \"One Shot\" by duo of the moment, D-Nox & Beckers. I haven\'t heard the original, but this remix is quite nice - pounding progressive electro-house with some very catchy grooves in the well-known D-Nox & Beckers style, and with some male vocals that doesn\'t seem to be over the top compared to some of their material. Good tune.

06. Sonic Cube - Subminimal (Sonnenvakuum Online Remix) [135 BPM]
The Swiss act Sonnenvakuum is up next with a cryptic \"Online\" remix of their own sideproject Sonic Cubes track \"Subminimal\". It\'s a quite standard production from these guys - pounding, well-polished progressive psytrance with nice, subtle melodies and generally the track is a pretty good overall. A slight annoyance is in the, in my opinion unnecessarily dominant, repeated \"Online\" voice-sample.

07. Pion - Feel Good [133 BPM]
Serbia isn\'t among the biggest suppliers of psytrance acts, but one of the most promising talents from the Balkan republic is Pion. Recently a member of the act Manifest, he already has some experience in the psytrance scene, but 2006 looks like his breakthrough year, with an upcoming release on the Swedish powerhouse label Spiral Trax. \"Feel Good\" is a good teaser for the upcoming releases, very fluid and engaging tune with housey elements, but definitely more on the morning-trancey side.

08. Sensifeel - Let\'s Get A Good Time [137 BPM]
With album-releases on labels like Domo and Yellow Sunshine Explosion and appearances on labels like Plusquam, Interzone, ZMA and Sinn Tec, Sensifeel from France is quite a household name on the progressive psytrance scene, and \"Let\'s Get A Good Time\" continue in his well-known style. It\'s quite typical German-influenced progressive for the outdoors (which is probably also why he is so popular at the German festivals), but it didn\'t really leave a big impression on me.

09. Ecliptic - Dense Matter [143 BPM]
The last dancefloor track is by the Mexican act Ecliptic, and at the same time it is by far the fastest, running at 143 BPM. \"Dense Matter\" is crossover between full on and progressive - the sound-themes seem very full on, but it is certainly much more on the groovy side, and by no means full-power dancefloor mayhem music. I would categorise it as groovy full on for the daytime - nothing really spectacular, but nothing bad either.

10. Shen - Main Springs
Last but not least is a downbeat track by the Canadian act Shen. Chillout fans might remember him for his releases on Iboga Records and Native State Records, but he is definitely more well-known on the techno-scene under his Noah Pred moniker. \"Main Springs\" is a mesmerising dubby tune with absolutely beautiful female vocals, sweet clicks\'n\'bleeps and a deep, hypnotizing atmosphere. Running for less than 5 minutes, it\'s sadly just too short... But an outstanding last track.

Bottom line:

With \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II\", the well-established website Chaishop will probably also establish itself as a label to watch out for. The concept of a CD representing 10 different countries (one for each track) is noteworthy, and although there aren\'t many really big highlights or surprises along the way, the compilation maintains a quite high quality throughout. Also the booklet, the 2006 edition of the \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy\" is undoubtedly among the most extensive booklets you\'ll find on a psytrance-release.

In short, \"Trancers Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II\" is a good progressive psytrance compilation. Not absolutely essential, but certainly worth the money.


1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 (!)




Trancers Guide To The Galaxy:

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