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Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 22, 2006
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Atomic Pulse \"Direct Source\"
Yoyo Records

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“Direct Source” is the 3rd Atomic Pulse studio album after a 2-year period of anticipation. The new album holds some mega surprises such as “Fatality” co-produced with our very own wonder boy Fatali, “Amino Acid” co-produced with Spun’s artist Cyrus The Virus, “Noise Freak”, An Atomic Pulse remix originally released by Astrix, and the last track – the remix for “Fire Dance”, one of the most recognized rave anthems of the 90’s. This is Atomic Pulse’s music at its best so plug yourself in – Direct Source will burn your ears...

Track list:

1. Quantum Mechanics (140 bpm)
2. Fatality (Vs. Fatali) (141 bpm)
3. Single Cell (142 bpm)
4. Amino Acid (Vs. Cyrus the Virus) (143 bpm)
5. Direct Source (145 bpm)
6. Alternative Reality (145 bpm)
7. Noise Freak- 2006 Audio version (145 bpm)
8. Kuromatic (Featuring DJ Ta-Ka) (143 bpm)
9. Mateluna (145 bpm)
10. Fire Dance RMX (147 bpm)


Third album from Atomic Pulse, I wish it’s so good like the others :)

Track 1 (Quantum Mechanics) starts slowly (140 bpm) but with very energy and rhythm…Atomic Pulse’s kick bass line, always evolving…some breaks to refresh a little and then rhythm again.

Track 2 (Fatality) is done with Fatali and is a bit more pacific…nice and rhythmic kick bass line, some psy sounds that put some suspense on the track, beautiful open-air melody after the break...great one :)

Track 3 (Single Cell) is one of my favourites here…great rhythm, nice construction, nice and energetic breaks, a dancefloor killer for sure!

Track 4 (Amino Acid) is done with Cyrus the Virus…powerful bass line, nice and dreamy melodies…I think that this two projects have some future in collaborations between the two, I hope to listen more from them.

Track 5 (Direct Source) is undoubtedly my favourite here…strong bassline, a nice floating feeling from the start till the end, intense melodies – especially at the end, you have to hear it :)

Track 6 (Alternative Reality) is another dancefloor bomb…another time strong and power bass line, mixed with some quiet psy sounds full of effects…ideal for playing at morning hours.

Track 7 (Noise Freak) is very sweet and in my opinion better than the has those beautiful sounds of the first one, with a progressive and rhythmic kick…melodies from beginning to the end, simply wonderful!

Track 8 (Kuromatic) is done with Dj Ta-Ka and has a great digital feeling…nice morning melodies, a break with a spectacular re-entering at middle, not my favourite but very good too.

Track 9 (Mateluna) is just more one, nothing new here…it has a good construction and that great Atomic style but apart from this is a bit boring.

Track 10 is the remix of Fire Dance…starts good, with some fresh kick and some quiet melodies…it has a lot of funny sounds but at middle has a break and from there to the end it has a melody that I think could be a bit less commercial…

For me it’s till now the best album from Atomic Pulse, all tracks have a great energy to be played at dancefloors, especially 3, 5, 6 and 7…all the album is very danceable and has a great rhythm associated, very good work :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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