Kagdila Records - Kagdelicious Vol. 2

Compiled by Quantum Leap

Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 30, 2005
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Kagdila Records – Kagdelicious Volume 2

Promotional Thread

Kagdila Records proudly present Kagdelicious Volume 2 compiled by Quantum Leap
This compilation is the first triple CD compiled by a portuguese artist.
This massive compilation consists of 3 cd`s: morning full on, night psytrance, and ambient tunes. The featured artists on this album are from Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Macedonia, Denmark, Canada and Serbia. Some of them are well known in the scene like Atomic Pulse, Psytekk, Alternative Control, Anax, Menog, N3xu5, Astral Waves, and new talents like Khopat, U-Men, Quantum Leap, Toxical, June Rashava, Paranoize, Omiq Project, Chilled C`quence, just to mention a few.
All tracks were carefully chosen to fit everyone`s taste. It is the perfect compilation for any DJ case or for listeners just chilling at home …. All round, this is simply delicious!


CD 1 Morning

01) Atomic Pulse - Space Monkey
02) Quantum Leap vs Alternative Control - Goa Moon
03) Toxical - Tune In
04) Alternative Control - Uninspired
05) Psytekk vs Nameless - Psy Vision
06) Toxical - Acid Theater
07) Atomic Pulse vs Setherian - Power Zone
08) Mike A. - Brutally Honest
09) Energetic - Bad Trip
10) U-Men - White Snake

CD 2 Night

01) N3XU5 - Hologram
02) Paranoize - Last Friday
03) Anax - Information (rmx)
04) Khopat - Molecular Synthesis
05) Clock.Wise - No Memory
06) Quantum Leap vs Psytekk - 5th Element
07) Blisargon Demorgogon - Violent is the key
08) Universal Sound Builder - Bad Data
09) Khopat - Kamikaze
10) Quantum Leap vs Anax - Hyperactive Minds

CD 3 Ambient

01) Astral Waves – Anamatha (Radio Edit)
02) June Rashava - Manipura (A memory to Avihen “Cosma” & Carlos “Sharigrama”)
03) Quantum Leap - Tribute to Cosmos
04) Chilled C`Quence - Elephants and Ants
05) Pedra Branca - Sol Brilhante (rmx)
06) June Rashava - Art of Nature
07) Smiley Pixie - Chasing Frogs and Fairies
08) Menog - The Ring
09) Omiq Project - Inside the Seed
10) Mike A - AM Kabessa


CD1 Morning

Track 1 – Space Monkey - is done by Atomic Pulse and starts the compilation with a dark and groovy bassline…it has definitely Atomic style on it, with that light and inspiring melodies that do remember the oldest Goa tracks, great way to start a new day :)

Track 2 is collaboration between Quantum Leap and Alternative Control…quiet melodies, pacific psy tunes, always with a strong kick inside, ideal for listening at any party.

Track 3 is done by Toxical and is a bit more fast (147bpm) and psychedelic…it has some vocal samples…the only bad thing is that is very similar from the beginning to the end and starts to be a bit boring.

Track 4 – Uninspired – has a strong and energetic kick bass line, nice and morning oriented melodies, but very similar to the other Alternative Control tracks, if you like his style you will love it for sure, if you don’t like you will hate it!

Track 5 is the second collaboration of the compilation and it’s done by Psytekk and Nameless…it starts like a history, with a power and energetic kick with a very deep and pacific melody that together does a killer track for the dancefloors.

Track 6 is the second by Toxical and has a great downtempo start…after this come the fullon kick, with very psy sounds and melodies, definitely not my style.

Track 7 by Atomic Pulse and Setherian is a bit darker, in my opinion the darkest track with Atomic Pulse involved…like the name says, it sends us to a zone full of power kicks, sounds and other psychedelic things :)

Track 8 - Mike A. brings Brutally Honest that is like the sunrise after a strong and hard night…this track is very nice and pacific and ideal to finish a party at afternoon.

Track 9, \"Bad Trip\" by Energetic gives again more power to the compilation, it has some psychedelic melodies, some changes on the bassline, all well structured.

Track 10 is the last and is done by White Snake by U-Men...nice psy tunes, nice kick, nice morning melodies but I think Quantum Leap could choose a better way to finish this first part of the odyssey :)


CD2 Night

Track 1 by N3xu5 – Hologram starts the compilation very aggressive…strong and dark bassline, some human screams in the backyard, psy tunes everywhere…

Track 2 is done by Paranoize and continues the process, showing us very creative and dark melodies and sounds, always with a strong, dark and powerful kick.

In Track 3, Anax gives us the remix of Information…groovy bass, twisted sounds…some vocal sample on it…and with a fat and well constructed melody inside.

Track 4 by Khopat has a really good bassline, strong, rhythmic and dry…it has too a digital sound that does something in your brain that when it finish we still have the sensation that we are hearing it :)

Track 5 is done by Clock.Wise (one of the rising stars of Portugal) and till now is the more “not dark” of this compilation…it has a nice groove on it and it can be called like a funky dark trance, because by one side have the dark feeling but by other have some funky melodies and sounds that can take the track to a more morning side.

Track 6 is done by Quantum Leap and Psytekk and is another one that I think it can be used for night or day time…it has a strong kick bass with some simple and electronic melodies that gives the track a futuristic and digital feeling.

In track 7, Blisargon Demorgogon takes us to the dark hours again…bass line very intense and pumping, a vocal sample that gives the track a terror and suspense feeling, some psy sounds that drives you to a deep and mystic night in some forest…

Track 8 by Universal Sound Builder – Bad Data – starts good with some hihats mixed with a groovy kick that together makes the track sounds energetic, doing remember Atomic Pulse style…this one is again more indicated for the day time.

Track 9 - Khopat brings my favourite track here, very strong power in the kick bass line, darkness tunes everywhere, vocal samples full of suspense feelings, all with a great construction formula.

Track 10 - Quantum Leap and Anax brings “Hyperactive Minds” to close this night session… pumping kick, tunes and sounds full of psychedelia, vocal sample from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, some melody that do remember the final of a movie and after again other dose of powerful psytrance telling us that the movie is not over yet :)


CD3 Ambient

Track 1 by Astral Waves starts with some Arabian sounds, one of them do remember a sweet April rain, together with a woman voice sing very dreamy…it has too a hypnotic kind of bass that goes equal till the end…

In track 2, June Rashava present us “Manipura”…calm and quiet downbeats, with a voice very beautiful and vicious chanting about the accident that happened to Avihen..., great melodies with some nice and pacific piano sound makes this track a must for any chillout zone...this track is made for Cosma, Avihen, and
Carlos, half of sharigrama.

Track 3, Quantum Leap - this time at chillout session – takes us into dub fields, with some vocal woman samples too…groovy bass, great morning and quiet tunes, all very calm and relaxed.

Track 4 - Another Portuguese artists, Chilled C’Quence, brings us a more danceable track…it has a nice rhythm, some melodic samples and metal percussions, all in an electronic downtempo ambient zone.

Track 5, Pedra Branca – “Sol Brilhante Rmx” is another downbeat track with a rhythmic bassline, electronic percussion sounds, some Brazilian chants by some beautiful women voices and a lot of Brazilian groove in all track :)

Track 6 by June Rashava is a bit more into the dark side of ambient, it seems good to listen at an after night chillout, before go sleep…it has a nice construction of sounds and rhythm, I really like his work.

Track 7 - Smiley Pixie – Chasing Frogs and Fairies – takes you to a Celtic celebration, with bonfires in the ground and many beautiful women with tunics dancing around…Celtic instruments mixed with today’s electronic music, all full of relaxed break beats…

Track 8 is from another Portuguese project well recognized on the international trance scene – Menog – this time he give us a downbeat ambient track…it is full of percussion tunes, groove and it has some sounds that can put you on a more dark side of your chillout mood.

Track 9 by Omiq Project is like the last one more “psychedelic oriented” – it has a slow kick in a downbeat mood and some melodies that do remember the first hours of an Autumn day.

Track 10, Mike A “AM Kabessa” is a very good choice for ending the compilation…it is slow (87bpm), it has few sounds, it seems like a massage…after 3m35s minutes comes a downtempo kick and it evolves for as trip on the sky around sweet clouds and with the sun ahead :)


I have to give my congratulations to Quantum Leap and to Kagdila Records for going ahead in an adventure of release a 3cd compilation, in my opinion a must have for any trance or chillout dj, all in one :)

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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