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Mythos Productions 2006

Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 22, 2006
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Spliff Music – Mythos Productions 2006

Promotional Thread

Mythos pro 2006 is a unique peace in the complete saga of Spliff Music and Mythos, one of the finest in Zurich promoters group, duo project.
This time edited by young promising trance dj Tsunamix, whose been playing on normal bases dropout all European dance floors.
The tunes on the cd already been played at biggest dance floors by bands like Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Astrix, Atomic Pulse, etc. followed by world biggest djs, such as: John 00 Fleming (UK), Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Jp), Patrick M, Tiesto, Armin van burren, etc. Most of the cd tunes were built for the common today\'s listeners.
Worldwide Tour for the cd will start in September 2005 in Portugal, continued in Denmark, Week after global India tour, and 5 different locations in India area. In Xmas at Switzerland for Mythos 2005 festival, then to Mexico City and Cancun.
Special note: Spliff Music Products are fully legal and approved. After a few testing that have been made on human objects, it has proven that Spliff Products changes your mood.

Track list:

1. Spiritual Enhancer, Dizzy Mind & System Brothers - Azkaban
2. Burn in Noise - Same Feelings
3. Backspace - Cazoo
4. Phanatic - Where Am I
5. Uriya - Take A Risk
6. Jirah - Eternal
7. Feedback - Sub Frequency (Brain Damage Remix)
8. Blue Planet Corp - Alidade (Jirah Remix)
9. XSI - Elfish
10. T.K.Y. - Sun Rise Upon


After 2004 here comes the next Mythos Productions compilation, this time with a bit different track list.

Track 1 starts the compilation very well, its a collaboration between Spiritual Enhancer, Dizzy Mind and System Brothers and as a great Goa feeling…the kick line mixed with the hihats takes a great power to the track and a very rhythmic feel.

Track 2 by Burn In Noise has a strong kick too, nice hihats, the only problem here is the melody that at first is great but after a while it starts to be a bit repetitive; however it’s good to hear at a morning party.

Track 3 is done by Backspace and is part of the more experimental side…it has a lot of crazy sounds full of effects, I’m sure this ones can put your brain totally in another dimension...if I have to catalogue her, I call it experimental nocturne Goa trance :)

Track 4 by Phanatic is amazing! It has a very strong and rhythmic bass line, with some psy sounds full of games in the back…killer melody, one of that ones that put any dancefloor full of smiles.

Track 5 by Uriya could be another massive track if didn’t have the vocal samples…it has a great construction, kick, bass line, beautiful melodies, good breaks, the only thing really bad here is the vocals.

Track 6 is done by Jirah and is a very pacific tune, like Jirah always does :) it has a relaxed and quiet feeling, very danceable and rhythmic but a bit longer or too similar, the idea it’s there but I think Jirah could change a little of something to the end.

Track 7 is a remix of Feedback done by Brain Damage; this is another morning tune, but this time much better…it has a beautiful melody that drives you to some kind of a heaven…some other psychedelic sounds together with a groovy bass line does the rest of this trip.

Track 8 is again a remix, this time Jirah remixing Blue Planet Corporation and is a kind of fullon similar to the last two tracks…it has some driving hihats, quiet synths, and a lot of other sounds that together does a well constructed and spacey melody that goes in and out.

Track 9 by XSI is my favourite here…it has a groovy and strong kick bass line, a digital and warm melody, some vocal samples very pacific, simply beautiful.

Track 10 is done by T.K.Y. - I think this was the best choose to finish the compilation…is a very relaxed downbeat track with some vocal samples so beautiful and pure that takes you to some Indian afternoon at the beach :)

Speaking seriously, I’m a bit disappointed with the last Spliff compilations because all have 2 or 3 amazing tracks but the other ones is always a bit similar and repetitive and this compilation is on the same side…I really love tracks 1, 4 and 9 but not more.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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