Barak (Sounds of Earth / Hadra, Mexico)

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Author: Vazik
Date: Jan 27, 2006
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Barak (Sounds Of Earth / Hadra Records)

Barak is Fernando Diaz Gallardo, a young musician from Mexico City, who started his musical career at the age of 15 years old, in the year 1999, with no musical nor profesional studies, just imagination and a dream on the years to come...

2 years after starting his musical career, he started playing in small
parties (even parties on houses and gardens), and started getting good
reputation really fast. Barak has worked with some Mexican artists, such as Raul Islas AKA \"Smuhg\" (one of his life term friends and brother), creating a new project, \"Spiraled Fungus\", with Juan Carlos Ramirez Cohello Cepeda AKA \"Trailex\", and finally with Rene Sanchez AKA \"Dj Shove\". Barak and Shove created a new project, named Teen Sluts, wich also started bringing great tracks with a fresh sound and psychedelic ideas.

After some years of hard work, Barak started playing all over Mexico, and later on began to travel to other countries, like Brazil, Portugal, France, Belgium and Japan.

Barak has released various tracks in national and international V/A compilations, and Barak album is coming next year on Hadra Records.

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