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Author: Daksi
Date: Oct 23, 2006
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Date: 23 October 2006
Text: Daksi

Dj Daksinamurti is Till Christopher Kuhn from Marburg , centered in the middle of Germany where he studies social antropology, Hindi-Sanskrit and science of religions.

He started playing in 1999 at small partys of friends but evolved in the last 3 years with the result hes dj-ing on many festivals and parties in Germany and international level which makes him one of the most internationally booked full on / twilight style djs from Germany.

The reason to become a dj was to spread his love for the true psychedelic music he loves with a big passion. Also he was quite unhappy with the musical situation which contained of mostly monotonous and emotionless progressive music which was played all over Germany arround the year 2000.
He wanted to kick up some dust himself and share his passion for the music he first listend to in Goa (India) in the 90s :)

So far Daksinamurti represented Organicrec. and since 2005 he joined Shiva Space Technology. He also recently joined the upcomming label Mind-Funk-Music (Venezuela) and is about to open up his first recordlabel based Chennai/ India together with the his buddy and kick ass dj Shivamoon. So expect to hear from Rudraksharec. in the future ;)

He loves to play intelligent Twilight style music with strong basslines ,twisted melodies and mindblowing synths. Perfect nighttime /twilight powertrance is his recipt but Till also has a real weakness for well produced and soulfull and intelligent morning / daytime sound.
The last years have been te breakthrough on international level for Daksinamurti and his appearences at the Omni ( Spain) and Freedom Festival (organised by Spunrec. and Crystal Matrix) area good example for that whats more to come. 2006 he got booked for two of Germanys major Festivals the Fullmoon and Antaris -project. The list of places with his appearances is growing rapidly with countries such as Germany , Portugal , India ,Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Belgium ,Thailand, Italy ... During Feb till April Till spends his time mostly at his home of heart in India :)
Latest news from Daksi is an upcoming Compilation to be released this summer / fall on the now in Norway based label Shiva Space Technology named \"Spiritually Spaced ouT\" featuring topclass artists and promising newcommers to watch out for , such as : Scorb vs Tenzing , Shiva(Jörg) , Slug, Mechanix, Hydraglyph, Menog, O.I.L, Concept, Wizack Twizack (Khopat rmx) and Sick Addicktion


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