Djane Sankha (Sounds of Earth, Mexico)

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Author: Vazik
Date: Nov 27, 2005
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Djane Sankha
(Sounds of Earth, Radhe Crew, Mexico)

Karla Lara was born in Tijuana, B.C. a northern city of Mexico. She had her first approach into music at the age of 7 by playing the piano. Later, as a teenager she met punk music and in a short time she was absolutely involved with this ideology; musically and as a way of life. Here is where we can find her most big influence in a lot of senses.

In the year 2000 she moved to Mexico City to study cinematography and there is when she meets trance music. Immediately she got interested for being part of that scene and started to make little parties whit some friends.

In 2002 she returned to her native city and start djing, and then she created her own promoter company and called: Acida Project. She started making parties up there, being this way pioneer of the trance scene in the northeast of Mexico, and in a short period of time she was already playing professionally in the northern states of the country.

At the beginning of the year 2004 she and her work team went back to Mexico City to make parties over there, bringing well known international artists like Rinkadink and Electric Universe, only to mention a couple of them.

She has played next to Infected Mushroom, Psycraft, Gataka, Broken Toy, Sensient, Son Kite, Digital Talk, Azax Syndrom and more, and also with the best exponents of the Mexican trance scene in many important stages all around Mexico since some time now, and in Europe since this last summer. She played in the Fusion Festival 2005 (Germany), Magic Castle (Ireland), Ministerium fur Ertspannung (Germany) and Ov Silence Club (Germany).

She is now part of Sounds of Earth`s rooster and she`s also developing among Yesika Luna a.k.a djane Yesik.a and other girls, a project called Radhe Crew, in which djanes, vjs, design artists and performers of the mexican electronic scene are involved, to support and give a bigger projection to the female talent.

She`s also one of the collaborators of Dj Concept, which is the most important magazine of the electronic scene in Mexico.

This young girl is one of the few female djs that is constantly required to play at parties and festivals all around the country. A “new” Mexican bomb that will make you go crazy in the dance floor.

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