Flowjob - Support Normality

Iboga, January 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 26, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Flowjob
Title: Support Normality
Label: Iboga
Format: CD
Released: January, 2006


Despite releases on high profile labels like Iboga, Tribal Vision, Plastik Park (as Justice Unlimited), Midijum and Love Sonic Disco, Joakim Hjørne and Mads Thinggaard\'s Flowjob-project must still be considered a relatively unknown progressive trance act on the worldwide scene. If all goes well, that is about to change in 2006 after signing an album-deal with Denmarks most prominent label, Iboga Records. The album is called \"Support Normality\", and could well be Flowjobs big breakthrough on the worldwide progressive scene.

01. Run Baby Run (The Big Escape Version) [132 BPM]
First track is \"Run Baby Run (The Big Escape Version)\", and it\'s everything an album-opener should be: a long, atmospheric intro sets the mood and builds up tension before the track really kicks in after 3? minutes with a phat, rolling bassline. Sweet retro-trancy melodies are plentiful, and the male and female vocals are delicious - and never over the top. A completely epic, trancy tune, and one hell of an opening track.

02. Everland Airport [131 BPM]
After the stunning opener, things get a little bit more down to earth with \"Everland Airport\". It has a really delicious D-Nox & Beckers-like groove, and the sounds are like a mix of electro and tech-house - but still with a very trancy touch and hints of guitars here and there. A great tune with a lovely, easygoing vibe.

03. Flangers In The Night [132 BPM]
After the uplifting start with the first 2 very bright tracks, \"Flangers In The Night\" is a bit darker and gloomier. The groove is still upbeat and bouncy, but the melodies and effects are more subtle and closer to tech-house. A really good track, even though it doesn\'t reach the same high level as the first 2.

04. Have Fun & Survive [133 BPM]
\"Have Fun & Survive\" is, in my opinion, the track with the most club-influenced atmosphere so far - mostly due to the filtered \"Move your body!\" voice-sample, which is repeated throughout the track. The arpeggiators and some of the sounds somewhat remind me of a light version of Son Kite, and that\'s definitely not a bad thing. Another fine track, yet not among my absolute favourites.

05. Wannafrisbee [132 BPM]
To me \"Wannafrisbe\" is the most appropriate track-name on the album, as it really captures the theme of the track (and the whole album, really); delicate, housey electro summer grooves with a hint of trance - perfect for the afternoons at festivals or the smaller outdoor gatherings. Despite being one of the weaker tunes overall, it\'s still a fine track with a sunny, lazy vibe.

06. They Are Not Alone [132 BPM]
Up next is one of my favourite tunes. Starting with a 1? minute long intro with some delicious, heavily reverbed effects before kicking in with one of the most wonderful, laidback grooves I\'ve heard in a while. Some very distinct rasta voice-samples just underline the somewhat lazy nature of the track, and overall it works like a charm. Magnificent afternoon groover.

07. Mood Food [133 BPM]
After a couple of relatively laidback tracks, \"Mood Food\" is a bit more upbeat and in the vein of the traditional Iboga progressive psytrance sound, with a slight hint of tribal and teasing melodies in the background. Clearly one of the more energetic tracks on the album, yet still with distinct electro-influences - very enjoyable and dancefriendly.

08. Wadley [128 BPM]
\"Wadley\" was previously released on Ibogas \"Set:5 Summer Collection\" compilation last year, and had some success at parties during the summer. Some more variation would have been preferred, but overall it\'s a very positive progressive house/trance crossover tune with a hint of south American flavour - the melodies are catchy, and the acoustic guitar samples are marvellous. Good stuff.

09. Glitter (feat. Trine) [133 BPM]
The final track is \"Glitter\", a club-oriented house-tune featuring vocals by a girl called Trine. The tune itself is really good, but to me the vocals give it a slightly cheapish disco-touch. They are a bit over the top for my liking, with cheesy lines like \"I am the sunshine; I am the glitter in your eyes\". I\'m just glad they put it in the end of the album, so it didn\'t mess with the flow.

Bottom line:

For a debut album, \"Support Normality\" is really impressive, and after the release of this album Flowjob deserve to be considered in the upper-class of today\'s progressive house/progressive psytrance acts. At times the album sounds like a not-as-dirty version of D-Nox & Beckers, while at other times its closer to the traditional Iboga progressive - but overall it\'s a fresh and very enjoyable mix of electro, progressive house and progressive trance - with a hint of psychedelia here and there.

It\'s not a perfect album though, as a bit more variation would have been preferred - and if you\'re looking for an album consisting of massive peak-time stompers, this is probably too laidback for you. But if you\'re into the slower and groovier sounds, this is definitely an album worth checking out; Both for DJ\'s into delicate afternoon grooves, or just for some of us everyday music-lovers, looking for a good home listening album with positive sunshine-vibes for the cold winter days.


1 (!!!), 2 (!), 3, 6 (!), 7, 8




Iboga Records: www.iboga.dk

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