Chemical Drive - Sonic Boom

Utopia Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 9, 2005
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Chemical Drive – Sonic Boom
Utopia Records

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Chemical drive Is Ronen Sahar (26) from Israel (Tel-Aviv). He has been writing & producing psy trance music since late 90s Ronen has already released few tracks at different labels like: Spliff Music, Transient, Spectrum, Utopia…He’s musical style is between morning progressive & psy full on. Chemical Drive productions have a unique fat quality by using most frequencies on the spectrum. Ronen has already played his music in: Mexico, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, and some more gigs will be very soon all across the globe. This powerful album contains 9 tracks, included 1 track with Tamir Ozana (Atomic Pulse), 1 track with Yinon oved (Popstream) and 1 with Ananda Shake.


1. U-topia
2. G shock
3. Sonic Boom
4. System 1000
5. Orbital Frame
6. Space Fantazy
7. Atomic Drive
8. Brain Freeze
9. Total Acid


Utopia Records brings us a pacific and morning album by Chemical Drive…

Track 1 U-topia starts the album slowly (140bpm) but with a power bassline; it has some shinning melodies and we can listen to a great construction of the track – pacific and good start!

This track was released in Pure Imagination 2 by Utopia…and I just can say the same... it has good psy tunes, all well constructed, great melodies and has a kind of groove all track long that makes you think if you listen it at a party you can’t stop dance!

Sonic Boom done with Pop Stream is simply killer :) Great kick and bassline, great melodies and a marvellous woman voice sample doing remember the beautiful voice of Tribalistas singer :)

Track 4 has a progressive start, some kind of a strange and groovy bass, some nice psy sounds but a bit repetitive, not my style.

Track 5 – Orbital Frame – is another beautiful track for me…it has a great rhythm, beautiful melodies and an effect that I think I have listen before in “Pause” released by Chemical Drive in Timeless compilation.

Space Fantazy slow bpms a bit (143) and gives us a more relaxed moment…some vocal samples mixed with some groovy bass and hihats and quiet melodies make this one.

Atomic Drive is my favourite here…it’s done with Atomic Pulse and I think that they must try more collaborations because it’s simply killer…the melodies of Atomic mixed with the bassline and effects of Chemical is just perfect!

Brain Freeze is another good one…I think there’s an error in the cover of the album or in my mixer because the bpms here is 147 instead of 145…there is some aggressive but rhythmic melodies and some vocals that remember me some Astrix tracks.

To finish the album Chemical Drive choose Total Acid…here we have less bpms again (140), tranquil melodies, ideal to finish the album and too to finish a morning set :)

For me this is one of the best releases by Utopia till now, an album where we can listen to great moments of morning fullon that can be listen at home or at a party…simply killer :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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