Ananda Shake - Inside the Sound

Utopia Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 16, 2008
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Ananda Shake – Inside the Sound
Utopia Records

Promotional Thread

Ananda Shake is back with their third studio produced album, 'Inside the Sound'. Following the success of their previously released two albums, 'Emotion in Motion' and 'We Speak Music', both released under Utopia Records.
It is said the third time is always a lucky time and luck or not, the music and sounds inside this album is something different from whatever you have listened before in this scene.
The intensive tours they had through the world promoting their two previous albums inspired them to create a new type of morning full on; perhaps the listener will come up with a name for this new kind of music, the point is that there are no words to describe the vibe inside the sound.
Ananda Shake is two young Israelis, Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, who have been speaking Trance music for almost a decade. For the past few years they have been lifting dance floors and souls all over the world for the past few years being sure that there is no way how to not recognize their music.
This album is the music they speak and that comes from inside Ananda Shake's sound.

Track list:

1. Inside the Sound
2. Final Call
3. Wise Study of L.S.D
4. Disco Dancer
5. High Drive
6. Portamento
7. Psychedelic Risks
8. Total Overdosed
9. Ziki & Illumination - Who We Are (Ananda Shake Rmx)


Here we have the third album from the well known Ananda Shake – if you want one hour of beautiful morning tunes with lots of melodies, it’s all here :)

The first track is the title one and starts the album in a rhythmic and happy has amazing morning leads, good choice of sounds and samples and a really nice production work.

Track 2 is called “Final Call” and is one of my favourites one side it has a great power for the dancefloor and by other it’s very relaxing and of my favourite morning hits from 2007 :)

“Wise Study of L.S.D.” comes in a more deep has a groovy bassline, some harmonic goa leads and a great final break, with some classical psychedelic sounds.

Track 4 “Disco Dancer” is an average’s not bad but there isn’t anything really special...the production work is good but the sounds and the structure is quite similar.

“High Drive” puts another time that psychedelic and rhythmic mood to we have a fat and groovy bassline, with lots of strong acid sounds and uplifting melodies. This one you couldn’t stop dance to it :)

“Portamento” comes in a fast and mechanical has a nice and danceable groove, strong bassline, beautiful leads, good for the early morning hours.

Track 7 “Psychedelic Risks” is a bit slower (144bpm) and has a groovy and calm bassline, some dreamy leads, quiet melodies and some funny guitar reefs.

“Total Overdosed” is my favourite of the album...groovy and fat bassline, some funny samples, well constructed breaks with suspense on it and a really beautiful melody in the end makes this one a masterpiece :)

For finishing the album, we have the remix of Ananda Shake for “Who We Are” (originally made by Ziki and Illumination) has more melodies than the original but didn’t lose that acidic action after the breaks...could be with a bit less noises but is a good track too.

Speaking in general, I really like this album; the majority of the tracks are great and with a really good production quality, nice for dancefloor but good too for home listening!


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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