Ananda Shake - Emotion in Motion

Utopia Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Apr 9, 2005
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Ananda Shake – Emotion in Motion
Utopia Records

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The multi-talented duo, standing behind the Ananda Shake project are Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, both based in the southern parts of Israel.
They initially started producing Old School Goa trance oriented music, and in time it has evolved into their killer full-on sound they are known for today. Ananda shake is another bright star shining under the Utopia Sky.
Their debut album \"Emotion in Motion\" which will be released early 2005, proceeds Ananda Shakes previously released tracks on labels such as Shiva Space Technology , Utopia Records compilations, Fungi Records, Crystal Matrix, Psytropic Records and Mahogany Records to name a few.
This highly anticipated album has been comprehensively tested on dance floors all over the world...


1. Old School
2. Wrong Answer
3. Let the Music
4. Wonderland (Album Version)
5. Caution
6. Banana Banji
7. Break Dance
8. Make Me Shake
9. Total Madness
10. Emotion in Motion


Ananda Shake – Emotion in Motion was full of great expectations when it’s not released, in my opinion there is nothing killer killer on the album, let’s listen track by track…

Track 1 (Old School) starts the album with a nice bpm range -142 – in this track we can listen the usual full on bass / kick mixed with some melody that can take you into the Goa trance atmosphere…quiet and nice opening…

Wrong Answer is a very happy track; like the first one, it express some good emotions, have killer melodies, all well constructed, good to finish a morning set!

Track 3 again brings us a lot of good melodies, mixed with a groovy bass, amazing tunes on it…at this moment we start to see that all the album as the same style, you just have to love it or hate it.

Wonderland is my favourite here…it’s like it has a story in it and it has some power melodies that can make you cry…great full on vibe here :)

Caution is another melodic morning psy masterpiece…another one that brings you very great emotions…it has a power bassline / melody mixed with some Spanish guitar sounds that it’s going to be killer at the dancefloors…

Track 6 (Banana Banji) is another morning full on track that has some melodies that can be used too in a goa trance track…nothing new around here…

Track 7 present us with another happy and light moment…the uplifting melodies are in, the groovy bass are in, the quiet guitar riffs are in, the morning sensation are in, I just don’t like some women’s voice in the middle of the track…

Make Me Shake is a very shakeable track :) I just don’t like the vocals in it, however it has a powerful kick / bass, good breakings, morning melodies…

Track 9 (Total Madness) is a totally guitar track, it has quiet and happy riffs from the beginning to the end…great melodies, great production…

The last track, Emotion in Motion, ends the album again like it start, with 142 bpm…this track has a progressive feeling, it starts very quiet but from 2m50s it wins a power bass that mixed with a power melody does more one killer track!

Like I was saying at the beginning, I think that Emotion in Motion is a good album but has nothing killer here…the tracks are too similar, you just have to listen one and you know how the others are…however, it has some tracks not to be missed in dancefloors…


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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