The History Edition

Raja Ram in interview, Roberdo in the mix

Author: & Roberdo
Date: Feb 18, 2009
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The History Edition on Chaishop Music News is guiding you through the years 1998 to 2009 of psytrance music. It is presented by Roberdo and, two mates that always have a silly joke on their lips.

However this show Roberdo and Sam are saving their breath and having the godfather of english psytrance Raja Ram entertain you in the original interview from 2002 (taken in Brasil).

We also have a DJ set of young Roberdo, recorded on some sunny dancefloor in 2002.

By the way: The whole interview with Raja Ram is available here


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• [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
• Compilation: Prooved - Tobias & Daniel Sun - Monalisa Overdrive (Sunset)
• Compilation: Transient 9 (Regeneration) - Export Audio - Girl FX (Transient)
• Album: Liquid - Earth -The Quest (Free Form)
• Compilation: Amalgamated Amalgamation - Tico (BLT Feat. Danny Makov Remix) - We Are The Mammoth Hunters (HOMmega)
• Album: Meter - Mittelstandkinder ohne Strom - Timing (d.Drum)
• Interview: Raja Ram
• Album: Phutures and Options - Saiko-Pod - Two Dots (Spiral Trax)
• Album: Return To Neverland - Oszilla - Return To Neverland (Insolation)
• Album: Dance Or Die - Alien Project - Genetic Eyes (Phonokol)
• Album: Electric Roundabout - Human Blue - Carpe Diem (Spiral Trax)
• Compilation: ...Into The Parkness - Antix - I wanna be (Plastik Park)

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Author: Roberdo / Date: 27.02.2009 09:39:07

By the way: The vocal sample in the very first track of the show is the original radio communications from the launch of the space shuttle "Challenger" on January 28th, 1986 - shortly before the vessel exploded and all astronauts on board died...

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