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Author: & Roberdo
Date: May 19, 2009
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Some of the best tracks from 2004 plus a DJs & Roberdo rocking Waldfrieden Hai In den Mai with a oldschool set

The History Edition on Chaishop Music News is guiding you through the years 1998 to 2008 of psytrance music. It is presented by Roberdo and, two blokes that usually go nuts on purpose.
This show presents music from the amazing year of 2004. It is completed by an "The Golden Times" set featuring music from about 2000 to 2004. The set has lately been played by Roberdo and Sam at the "Hai in den Mai" open air party in Germany.

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Album: Who Needs Love Songs - Sub 6 - Program Flies (HOMmega)
Album: Colours - Son Kite - Game & Watch (Digital Structures)
Compilation: Holographic Memory 2 - Wrecked Machines - Ex Air Size (Solstice)
Album: Feed The Flame - Shakta - Feed The Flame (Dragonfly)
Compilation: Bush Martians In Wonderland - Broken Toy - Break Down Baby (PSYstation)
Album: Strange Attractors Freq - Spacechanger (Iboga)
Compilation: Chrome - Frogacult - Snowdropped (Sub Machine)
Album: Another Life - Vision & Canedy - Low Life (Hadshot Haheizar)
Album: Living In The Past - Pope Of Gegga - The Revenge Of Angulimala (Baluns)
Album: Randy Expander - Krüger & Coyle - Rubbalove (ACDC)
Album: Tao - Marc O'Tool - Passenger (Electribe)

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