Raja Ram

UKs trance daddy in interview

Author: sam
Date: Apr 4, 2002
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Mar 8, 2002 - Text & Interview: Sam, Photo: T.I.P.

Raja Ram is UKs trance pioneer. With T.I.P. he founded the first trance label in the world which is still existing today. But this is just one of many acchievements he did for the trance scene.

Check our amazing interview done in Pirenopolis in the middle of Brasil.

Raja Ram tells about his life from Australia to Ibiza to New York to Greece to London to Goa to Brasil and back.

From a writer to a painter to a flute player to a synthesizer player to a psytrance artist to a party organizer to a label father to a dj.

From the birth of trance to the first label to the first parties to the distribution catastrophy in uk to the criminal justice bill in uk to the spirit of trance to trance of today to buddha to the rebirth of trance to sphongle to the night that trance changed.

About T.I.P., Brasil, UK, Beatmixing, 144 bpm, Glastonbury, Simon Postford and Japan.

This is not simply an interview. This is Poety!

Complete Interview (realtime)

or download: 1 & 2



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