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Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 19, 2009
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Including interview with Vic from Triplag Music and a DJ set by him

Chaishop Music News Classic presents fresh releases of Psychedelic, Progressive and Chillout Trance. This show is moderated by Roberdo.

It features an interview with Vic (Triplag Music - Ireland). Additionally this show comes with a powerfull Dark set by Vic, recorded at Life Festival 2009, Ireland.

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[Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
Album: Chaos Opera - Principles Of Flight - Into The Land OF Black And White (Timecode)
Album: Chaos Opera - Principles Of Flight - Chaos Opera (Timecode)
Album: Virtuosi Di Quosi - E vs. Y - Frank Bongenstein (Faerie Dragon)
Compilation: A Chain Of Mind - Amorphous & Poteto - A Chain Of Mind (Triplag Music)
Album: Dragonic Sun - Ten G - Vega (Adama)
Interview: Vic (Triplag Music)
Compilation: A Chain Of Mind - NeutralEthos - High Sky (Triplag Music)
EP: Hopi & Friends - Hopi & Earthling - Offline Providings (Nano)
Album: Odyssey Protocols - Popstream - On This Road (Phonokol)

 Play the DJ set by Vic Triplag, recorded at Life Festival 2009

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