Turn on, Tune in, Drop out Trilogy by Lua Records

Author: lua-records
Date: Mar 19, 2010
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Outer-space advocate, ex-Harvard professor, psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, humorist, free thinker, author and revolutionary avatar of a generation. He popularized the catch phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out"


Turn on, Tune in, Drop out Trilogy by Lua Records is a tribute to Dr. Timothy Leary.


Trilogy covers



VA / Deep Trip - Turn on (vol-1)

VA / Deep Trip - Tune in (vol-2)

VA / Deep Trip - Drop out (vol-3)


Hello Psychedelic minds

Since the start of this Trilogy in 2009, lua records takes the night sounds into a new level of musicology,
making music to be not just a consuming matter but a tool to express an ideology that is shared by all of us...
Freedom, mind setting and awareness !

The music:
On this trilogy the music was highly selective and compiled in a way, to take you in a journey with a wide
view of psychedelic sounds made by innovative psychedelic upcoming and known music producers
around the world.
They are the veins of a new generation !

This compilation brings us night Psychedelic sounds and has a very strong music and message attached
creating awareness in the mind of true free thinkers.
We live in the real world and it is about that we have to direct our minds, for tomorrow, we can do better.

Ideology Behind:
Lua Records Trilogy brings you a Tribute to DR.Timothy Leary  as it tries to keep alive one of the most
Important facts in our lives, that individual self expression has been suppressed for many years and
continues to be in our days, living a freedom under control from individuals that we call government and law !
The Ideology exposed by Timothy Leary in the 60s, still applies although 50 years has past.
The use of Power and Authority to maintain the population under control is as relevant in our days as it was before.
(who is this god !?)

Music is the universal language.
It is the most intelligent and powerful tool to open minds and bring people together, to spread an idea,
to express a feeling, to create a motion, to revel a message.
Use it.

In this Trilogy, lua records does not want to make a revolution but wants to tell you that it is not difficult
to make changes.

"Governments make rules and laws, they govern the country but we should have the last word !
If we have the right to vote for a president, we should have a right of vote for any decision made by them.
Its that simple !"

Lua Records disclaim any connection with politics, religion or any other groups or fanatic organisations.
We are free thinkers and we believe in equality and Human rights for the world.
Our message is real and we use music to spread awareness.

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CDs now only avaible from our web site !


VA/ Deep Trip - Drop out (vol 3) Video Presentation:
(full Video can be see in our website in HD)



Thanks for support our label.


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