The History Edition

Author: & Roberdo
Date: Nov 2, 2009
Views: 7464 finally back, this time featuring some of the best tunes from 2005 and a superb DJ set by Evan Bluetech!

The History Edition on Chaishop Music News is guiding you through the years 1998 to 2008 of psytrance music. It is presented by Roberdo and, two blokes that usually go nuts on purpose.
This show presents music from the year of 2005. It features an amazing ambient dj set of DJ Evan Bluetech from 2005.


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Compilation: Set 4 - Zen Mechanics - Ground Control (Iboga)
Album: I Cetra - Phoney Orphants - I'll Promise You (Iboga)
Album: Free Fall - Lish - Fresh (Com.Pact)
Album: Sesations - Andromeda - Second System (YSE)
Album: Point Black - Yotopia vs. Lish  - Intoxicated (Flow)
Compilation: Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005 - Jaia - Orchestra 2.0 (Millennium)
Album: Groove Control - Altöm - Not for children (Neurobiotic)
Album: Remixer - Sesto Sento - Teddy Enters Wonderland (Pop Stream Remix) (Com.Pact)
Album: Serotonia - Quadra - Become Aware (Solstice)
Album: Mexican Mushroom - Sharigrama - Didge Daz (AP)


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Author: bflyag / Date: 24.06.2010 17:11:26

When will the peacefilled history of 06 hit the lines our ears create in vibratory movement?

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