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Author: Van
Date: Sep 27, 2003
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PAUL TAYLOR - Spun Records - Interview :-)

Van. First thank you for the beautiful time you offered to people last seasonin Goa :-) Some words about Goa maybe, past and present time?

Paul Taylor : Goa last season was like a shot out of the dark!! i dont think anyone was expecting it to be so blasting...all the elements seem to come together : good sound, good music, good production..(thx dudi) i remember standing there at XP's birthday party watching 700-800 fully ripped and fully this is what it's all about!

Van. Before your first parties as DJ, how, when, where and why do you start to get interested to the Trance music?

Paul Taylor : I arrived in London in 1995 when "Goa trance" was just starting to peak.. i was living in a squat and ended up getting totally immersed in the London underground party first season in Goa was 96 and that was it..totally hooked!

Van : Which are your musical influences, all kind mixed up?

Paul Taylor : From when i was 13 i was always into Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin..and then started to get into the new english electronic stuff like depeche mode and new order...I never got into the acid house thing though..I like strong music with maybe what you call 'melancholic' vibes

Van : How could you, in a few words define your musical style?

Paul Taylor : I go for the more tekky sound..and deep..but it's gotta be psychedelic./..I like tracks with space that creates a 3D vibe on the dancefloor...

Van : Which hardware and software are you working with?

Paul Taylor : MAc G4,Logic 5 , Nord 3...Mackie Monitors and just getting into the virus C

Van : On what are you mixing ?

Paul Taylor : After all the hype of the new this and that..Pioneers CDJ100's are still the best all round...and the pioneer mixer same story..

Van : From where or how does your inspiration come when you are creating music?

Paul Taylor : ... from crazy stories that we tend to end up in and girls of course..

Van : What about your collaboration and role in Spun Records? Could you tell me more about? You released tracks on other label? Which one and why?

Paul Taylor : Right now i help out with the A&R and general prod. of the comps..with Riktam and Bansi we collect as much new music as possible and then throw it on the wall and see what sticks...
I have done a few tracks before..One with Dtek (multiverse) on Sound Sorcery Mexico and i also did a few with Celli on the Earthling Album(acidance)

Van : What are your personnal projects for the future ?

Paul Taylor : My solo stuff will be known as Freak of Nature and also i make music with Celli and Bushman under the name of Funny Farm..I am putting together the next VA for Spun and it hopefully will bring another vibe to the overall sound of the label...

Van : Next gigs ?

Paul Taylor : Right now i am in Israel playing at the Tsunami festival next week and then we have a Spun party with GMS in moscow on the 26th Sept..

Van : Which was your best gig ? Which is the one youd prefer forgot everything about?

Paul Taylor : Well these 'best" things are weird cos there are so many actors..but i would say three stick out.. XP's birthday party Goa last season, Moscow outdoor in June and one with Earthling in Nagoya Japan (mainly because of the VJ projections)....and the ones i would rather forget about..i already have ;-)..

Van : Which are your favorite tracks, DJs and groups of the moment?
Who are the artists you were working with already and the ones you'd like towork with one day or the other one?
Paul Taylor : Favorite trax right now 'Lets rock' and the new Brain XL stuff..I would love to do a track with Deedrah

Van : Did you play in France already? What do you think about the French scene of these time ?

Paul Taylor : Yeah i have played quite a bit in PAris..the last 3 TBE NYE parties and a few in feeling is that France takes it all a bit too can get heavy at those parties that are 70%guys...but all it takes is some new spirit and things change very quickly...and it will because the French have a hi tech forward thinking mentality i think

Van : Which are your favourite place to play in the world and why?

Paul Taylor : Goa, no question.

Van : Except the music, do you have any other kind of interests in life? Which ones?

Paul Taylor : Well i guess travelling..even though now its by default.. i still love it though..and anything to do Science Fiction and hi tech culture..

Van : One dream, something you really want to realize or something you reallywant to say?

Paul Taylor : Transcend this reality one day, one way or the other;-)...and for now i am the most happy when i am at a beach party with my friends and the dancefloor is full tilt..

Van : Contact booking, website? Thank you very much for this interview, see you there or around :)
Paul Taylor : Website : www.,

Contact :

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