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Date: Jul 10, 2003
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Alpha & Andreas Roll

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This project exists since the end of 2001 as a producer team and since the beginning of 2003 as a live-act.

The producer team consists of:
-andreas roll (gaia tontraeger), hamburg, which belongs with his label to the pioneers of the trance scene in germany. His label was one of the first trance label at all. In the course of the years it extended musical constant, among other things by productions within the electro style, where he with the act „n)e(m“ with 2 singles got into the uk big beat charts.

Thorsten Mesrine

-thorsten mesrine, thailand, the joint founder and moderator of different psytrance and chillout shows of the legendary radio “evosonic“, including all kinds of play to the electronic music had dedicated himself.

The two are the project “volldampf“, what since 1998 exists and before 3 years the trance scene hit „marihuana“ could establish internationally.

-alpha aka andré szigethy, hamburg, musician, dj, producer, organizer . He is for over 25 years in the „business“, as pianist and keyboarder (among other things the dry halley, the pachinko fake, less funny beduins, iii. Art, the 1980's, ego/n etc.). Since beginningof the 90's as trance dj on the way, meanwhile on all large events and international festivals.

Thorsten Mesrine

-johann bley, hamburg, exzellent drummer, asset and admits at the latest since the 80's „ledernacken“ up to the trance scene´s superband „juno reactor“ (uk). Johann participates since begin of the psytrance scene, the various releases, also under his name (solo project). The work to his new solo album is just final.

Releases „e-chip (alpha vs. Volldampf)“:
Before released:
-in november 2001 first ep „e-chip“ (insolation)
-may 2002 2 trax on the album „alpha + friends=alienbabies“ (insolation)
-various tracks on insolation-compilations
-remix of „volldampf“'s „abflug“ on the ep of the same name (jum jam record)
Current publications:
-12“ „stargazer“ on jum jam record (jjr17), may 2003
-album „stargazer“ at the beginning of june 2003.

Alpha & Andreas Roll

The live project consists of:
-andreas roll (programming/mixing)
-alpha (keyboards/bass)
-johann bley (drums).

Live is written indeed big, to life we nevertheless in the age of expensive acts, themselves borrowing the equipment leaving expenses to the organizers, in order to throw themselves in behind. Hiding their cd's. With „e-chip“ nevertheless they rather try the symbiosis from electronics and „handmade“ , done by real musicians.

Alpha & Andreas Roll

The music:
The musical concept is trance, coming from the psychedelic trance. The range is designating in the scene-usual vocabluary from „progressive“ over „tribal“ to „psychedelic trance“ and a bit „fullon“. Both, the album and the live program are developed linear, i.e., from smooth and releaxed 136bpm up to swinging 143bpm.
„ e-chip (alpha vs. Volldampf)“ has developed as a fun project. It´s noticeable e.g. by the selection of vocal-samples, in which the preference of the boys becomes clear to science fiction. Perhaps even a kind of star trek hommage. Also the playful sparks such as electro or techno are showing that fun is an elementary thing of this very powerful and trippy project.





b i o g r a p h y (Alpha)



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b i o g r a p h y (Andreas Roll)



andreas roll - musiker, produzent

1988-91, bassist der band "metallic traffic" (metronome/universal)

1991, gründer des labels gaiatontraeger
vö´s auf gaiatontraeger: gaia compilations 1 bis 13 (styles: trance, ambiente, elektro)

1991 gründung des trance projekts "evolution" zusammen mit djaydee
highlight: the experience of taking a step into someone´s dream
evolution releases auf gaia tontraeger, logic, spiritzone, high-society, medium
div. live auftritte in ganz europa: berlin "loveparade" 1993, moskau "manhatten", st. petersburg "tunnel", zagreb "mayday", prag "radost-fx", paris openair , toulouse openair ....
div. rmx z.b. für lucky peaple center (urban)

1995 - 97 div. produktionen mit sangeet (gaiatontraeger), johann bley (perfecto flouro) , paradise project sangeet ((organic rec., rtt rec., medium rec.), dave-x (tunnel rec./sony, eastwest rec.), ladida (blackfish rec.), baphomet ("klubkillaz" rmx für hooligan/urban)

1997 gründung des elektro projekts "n)e(m" zusammen mit 3 dj dirsch (sos dj-team)
vö´s auf elektrolux : filicium e.p., third space e.p. und des albums northern electro movement
div.liveauftritte: fusion 2000 und 2001, berlin "ostgut", essen w"baikonur", hamburg "hanfparade"
zukünftiger release auf elektrolux doppel-cd "further movements"

1998 gründung des trance projekts "volldampf" zusammen mit thorsten mesrine (evosonic radio)
vö´s bei medium (marihuana) und novatekk (album "trainpotting")

2000 gründung des trance projekts e-chip zusammen mit alpha,
vö´s bei zoomshot, jumjam, geplante vö. "stargazer" album,
live zusammenarbeit mit johann bley (drums)

2003 aktuelle produktion:
raf le spoink album in cooperation mit ralf köster (mfoc club im pudel hamburg), div. rmx u.a. das bierbeben (universal), hans platzgumer (universal)
joachim witt "herbersvater" rmx
helmut zwerlett/unknown cases "masimba bele" rmx


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