Castle Magic in SPAIN

The complete story about Trance in Spain!

Author: Sergio Diez
Date: Apr 29, 2005
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Castle Magic in SPAIN

Spain is located in the south of Europe, between Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, with the African continent just below. Spain and Portugal form the Iberian Peninsula. It has a great variety of climates and sightseeing (high snowy mountains, plains, tablelands, desert, beautiful rivers, 2125 km of coasts,...) although the sun and beaches are the most apreciated elements for the tourists (52,5 million in 2003, the second preferred destination in the world). One of the highlights is the gastronomy: extraordinary meat, fresh fish, a lot of vegetables, good wine and olive oil (considered liquid gold). Don’t miss it!

There are four official languages (spanish, catalan, basque, galician). Nowadays is governed by a conservative right-wing party near to fascism. They have declared war to Irak with the USA and UK governments, though there were a 90% population in Spain that did not want war.


The history of Spain is a long trip full of invasions, discoveries, conquests, wars, kings, republics, revolutions, greatness and decadence. The spanish people is a crazy mixture between all the civilizations that had lived here: Tartessians, Phoenicians, Asturs, Iberians, Celts, Greeks and Cartaginenses. The Romans stayed for six centuries  and changed the name from “Iberia” to “Hispania”. They introduced their language, culture, political system and laws. The barbarians coming from the north came after and they had 33 kings until the Arabics invaded the peninsula and part of France. 800 years lasted these civilization, until the Catholic Kings (Isabel and Fernando) ended the Reconquest in 1492, the same year that Colon discovered America. With the arabics there was a period of greatness with a pacific co-existence between muslims, cristians and jews. The Catholic Kings expelled muslims and jews and began a period of conquests that become a big empire (America colonies, part of Europe and Philippines) with the king Felipe II. A period of decadence came, followed by a lot of wars against England and France. The Republic came in 1931 but the fascist rebellion commanded by General Franco ended in the Civil War that brought 40 years of dictatorship, backwardness and poverty. In 1975, with the dead of Franco, a new era of democracy and freedom arrived until today, that seems to look back again in the past, with a loss of liberty and rights.

Trance history

It was on Ibiza that trance first appeared in Spain, during the summers of 1991 and 92. Full moons at Can Punta were the biggest gigs. Paoli, Riktam, Bansi, Amrit, Celli were playing there in that moment. Soon appeared the police hassle. A period of greatness followed with many parties of all sizes and good musicians setting up studios. TIP did their yearly gigs. By 98 / 99 organizing of outdoor trance parties needed guerrilla tactics to avoid police. The party spot would only be announced a few hours previous. The beginning of the millennium saw the trance scene as an outlaw movement and outdoor parties were few. Legal alternatives were often the only option with Namastee´s trance temple offering a weekly fix and Can Fly serving as headquarters for the multitudes. The reason for the persecution of this scene holds little mystery. Although some of the legal alterrnatives are good fun the scene´s home is outdoors in comunion with the sun, moon and stars and this was for many years a very attractive alternative in Ibiza´s nightlife scene. So much so that the powers behind the massive commercial disco scene considered it a threat. This coupled with the general “conservatizing”  of the island meant that for some such freedom and spontanaety no longer had a place on the island.

In the mainland the scene had some good moments in the Madrid clubs nightlife during the early 90’s but soon techno and house replaced it and send it to the underground again. In 1998 there were the “Momra” festival in the Bañuelas lake (Girona) organized for people coming from Germany, Ibiza, Madrid and Holland. More than 2000 people enjoyed the nature and music during 4 days.

Today it seems that scene is emerging again with more collectives, outdoor parties (principally in Madrid and Barcelona) and some clubs programming quality trance sessions. The good energy is spreading and the sense of community is high. Let’s make it last!


  • Cosmic Trance - Barcelona: Formed in 2000. It’s one of the most active in Spain (more than 50 events). They have a trance store and a web magazine. In 2003 organized Sun Rite Festival with artists like GMS, Bim, Neuromotor, Skazi, Paul Taylor, Raja Ram, Shakta or Biodegradable. More than 2500 people came.
  • Furthur- Madrid: They have been re-creating free space in and round Madrid since 1995 pulling off 5 or 6 parties a year. Celli (Earthling),Loic (Total Eclipse), Tomek (Big Wigs/Tromesa), André (ex A&R at TIP) came in the past and recently Pixel, Paul Taylor, Domestic, ShaneGoby, Humphrey (L.S.D.) have all passed through. These last events have also worked to build the emphasis on live music  on alternative stages alongside the trancefloor and essential chill-out.
  • Pachamama - Madrid: Started in 2001 with the Tribal Rave event, where more than 1500 people enjoyed the magic valley of Canencia under a special feeling of peace and harmony. Pachamama parties offer a complete vision of dj’s,  performances, animation, recycled decoration,  installations and live-acts that someone named “life in pure state”. The music is mainly focussed in trance but also have space in the chill-out for psychedelic rock, drum ‘n’ bass, electro, progressive house or world music.
  • Unlogic -Madrid: Oriented to musical production (as a label) and to provide information about the scene (as a web magazine). They have launched the first spanish artists compilation: “Psycollection”
  • Maya 2012 - Barcelona: Formed by swiss dj Anahata.
  • Muskaria - Barcelona: One of the first collectives that appeared in Spain, they have also a trance store.
  • Mystic Airways – Madrid: Formed in 2002, they have made some little and beatiful parties in the surroundings of Madrid.
  • Others: Csativa (Málaga), Fungus (Madrid), Natraj’s (Sevilla), VirusProject (Barcelona), Mythologic (Madrid), United Tribes(Ibiza), Hypnotica (Madrid).


  • Selenium session at Ya’sta Club-Madrid. Ya’sta hosted trance parties since 2001 and opened this regular saturday session in october 2003 with Dr. María as resident dj. Some international artists that rocked Ya’sta Club: A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion,, L’Elf, Stella Nutella, Pena, P-Mac, Bart, John-e, Chris Organic, Andrew Humphries, Alex Tolstey, Archan and Tomek. 2004 promise many more!.
  • VirusNetCafe – Barcelona: Internet café, juices, snacks, tea... in a chill-out ambient with electronic music: Down-tempo, ambient, trance, electro,...They are preparing an event with Mekkanikka and Starspine.
  • Lua Chea Madrid (c/Polvoranca 66-Alcorcon): The only after-hour that runs psy-trance sessions in Madrid. Wicked freaky ambient. Opens 06:00am-10:00 am.
  • Hikuli - Madrid (Lua Chea’s next door): Little bar with precious indian decoration. A lot of good smoke cross the ambient while special quiet music sounds: Dub, Psy-Ambient, Reggae, World,.... 
  • Cyberian – Barcelona . More Oriented to techno, they organize some trance parties regularly.



  • Dj’s: Abbot, Anahata, Alex Dröid, Alex Tolstey, Atax, Avi, Daniel Cabrera, Domi Pastor, Dr. María, Eduard, Exotic, Felipe, Fuman, Gerardo D, Hands, Hidden, Isaac, Isaac, Keemiyo, Lisergio, Lukas, m4th, Manik, Marcos, Mr. Frog (psy-rock), Musa, Nost, Pavi, Pedro, Piter, Psy Heimdall, Sens, Toxic, V, Voyage, Xavi.
  • Acts: Alienated Buddha, Domi Pastor, Kimik, Psycho Abstract, Sum Sindhu, The Muses Rapt (Juan Verdera), Transmute
  • Deco and Performances: Tribu Alquimia, Euone, Monika Lakosa, Inga Burina, Orange Corporation, Alerta Gráfica,  Hypnotica, Wendy Trip Colors, Dream colors, Nagual Creations.
  • Labels: Unlogic Records, Boshke Beats Records, Stonetone
  • Magazines: Intuitivemusic - International portal dedicated to electronic music and electronic culture. Also web/graphic design.
  • Music shops: Tasmaniac, Cosmic Trance and Muskaria.

Date: Apr 29, 2005
Text: Sergio Diez
Photos: Eduardo Socolovsky, Intuitivemusic.Com, SergioDiez,
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2004


Doc Sonic informs

I must admit that I never noticed, but it is illegal to drink alcohol in public except for cafes and bars. Consuming and cultivation of cannabis isn’t. It’s possible to check pills at parties and raves for their purity. If you are caught with little amounts of drugs there won’t be much problems but be careful with more quantity than self-consum. The penalties for owning chemical drugs are between 300 and 30000 Euros. Cocaine and cannabis are the most popular drugs in spain.





Sergio Diez

Promoter and Psy-Rock Dj.

Thanks to Manu(Bcn),Manu(Mad),Xavi,Jake and Keemiyo.

Don't let American Empire destroy the world.



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