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Date: Jul 1, 2005
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GMS(Growling Mad Scientists)



After being brought up on the beach at parties in India and Ibiza in the early nineties, Riktam and Bansi didn't waste any time in firstly becoming DJ's and then returning to Amsterdam to create the groundbreaking trance project: Growling Mad Scientists.

Soon after their first album release on Hadshot (Alien News), it was apparent that these two were destined to change the whole definition of what was then still called "Goa Trance". They brought a whole new production value and spirit to the scene and the dance floors around the world.

Growling Mad Scientists pioneered the first wave of assault on human boredom. The Operation was successful. Many thousands were infected immediately. Throbbing bass lines and maximum tweakage proves loved by 97% of those exposed. Due to the need for organic inspiration Riktam and Bansi moved the laboratory to Ibiza in 1997. In the pine-covered hills of the White Island they continue to catalyze more new Aural Algorithms. Ruthless dedication to pushing the sonic boundaries and tireless global touring has put them on the top of the list of Highly Effective Operatives for the "Force".

With 5 Albums under the GMS belt and releases on over 50 compilations on major trance labels such as TIP World Records (U.K), Spirit Zone (Germany), Nova Tekk (Germany), 3D Vision (France), Solstice (Japan) and with various other labels continued with ever increasing success.

IML: Who and how old are you?

GMS: Riktam: 26 , Bansi: 26

IML: What Projects are you currently on?

R&B: New 1200 Microgram album with Raja Ram & Chicago, 3 tracks done and 6 to go and real blasters!!

IML: What equipment do you use / mainly digital or analog?

R&B: Computer stuff: Macintosh G4 computer, 2 LCD monitors. Software: Emagic Logic 6, Cubase SX, Ableton Live 1.5 + many other sofware synths & plugins. Mixers: yamaha O2R (digital) , Mackie 32:8 (analog), Emagic Logic Controller (midi). Speakers: 2 x NS10, 2 x Mackie Hr824, 2 x JBL Eon. Synths: Clavia Nord lead #1, 2 & 3, Roland Jp8000, Kurzweil k2500, Moog Voyager, Access Virus C, Korg MS2000R, Oberheim OB12, Roland JV2080. More Gear: TC electronics Finalizer & Fireworx & gold channel, Eventide Eclipse, Avalon Vacuum, Motu 828 & 2408...

IML: What musical methods do you use to bring power into your music?

R&B: good kick, bass, break beats, sounds & a kick in the ass!

IML: What do you think of getting into trance with music?

R&B: We believe the music is for creating a trance vibe on the dance floor.

IML: What do you want for the future of the scene?

R&B: For the scene to grow and spread around the world with good vibes.

The Biodegradable project was put up from 4 friends in the year 2000 in San Francisco. The founding members, Samy Guediche and Nicolas Oesch come from a musical/producer background in Switzerland. They moved to Santa Cruz 7 years ago, started a recording studio and produced various local solo artist and bands together with their individual projects. Along with some friends from Santa Cruz, such as Max Peterson, today one of the producers of Biodegradable, they started Untied States of Consciousness, a collective driven by an innovative psychedelic flavored house music.

At the Burning Man Festival, later that year, the vision became strong and clear... And the limits of imagination scattered in the Nevada desert... Then, Samy, Nicolas and Max started to explore a promising style of pure psychedelic trance, with the support of Laurent Delhom, the last member to join, as the contact person. Since then they have played live and DJ sets all around the globe and released on labels like lying Rhino, Balloonia, Novatekk and Turbo Trance Records - also under the Name „Central Processing Unit" (CPU).


Spun Records was founded by Seth Hoffmann & GMS in 1999 and became the first label in the United States releasing Psychedelic Trance music. After spending a few years going to Psy Trance parties in Europe, Seth realized the potential for the music in the States and teamed up with his friends to establish what was to become the mother label of GMS.
By the first two CD releases: "GMS Vs Systembusters", and "Genetic Process", SPUN had firmly established itself within the scene as a label of high quality and exclusive releases, specializing in the full on side of the sonic spectrum.
At a time when a lot of the European labels were turning "progressive /minimal", Spun firmly planted the flag of the "Outdoor Party Sound"…the sound which was to become more and more popular as the new millennium unraveled. The SPUN "stable" has grown to include many of the world's top psychedelic trance artists like Earthling, Deedrah, Wizzy Noise, Alternate Vision (Logic Bomb side project), Soundaholix and Zorba.


(Spun Records, Biodegradable.)

Text: Immel

taken from mushroom magazine and brought to you by liese

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