Brighton / England (UK)

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Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Brighton / England (UK)

what kind of label are you?
Trance + Ambient

Name of company / motherlabel:
Ajuca (UK) - Sphere + Optica recs

Location (where're you located?):
Brighton , England

Labelconcept and -philosophy:
To release high quality dance music, showcasing the difference in styles psychedelic has to offer the world. We are a group of experienced party people all with a special desire to be able to have a good time and to party to the music we love. In the future we hope to release three styles of music Uplifting Chillout / Full on Psytrance and Funky Progressive.

Number of releases up to now:
8 on numerous labels...

Copies per release (Vinyl / CD):
12" = 750 copies
CD = 3000 copies

Milestones - best selling release:
Psychoaneasis - Sphere recs CD02
Prodigal sun - Afterburn recs CD01

Milestones - releases you consider to be milestones in the labelhistory:
Dark Soho - Sunspot > SPHERE recs
Various - Atomsmasher > OPTICA recs

Free text about you or your project (if you want)...
:: We have 3 releases in the pipeline ::
'VIKTAN' from Israel is one to watch with their debut album Trillenium to be released on Sphere.

Where do you want to go?
Away from our last year please and quickly.... We experienced some problems, which are still being dealt with..But now feel we are at one with our Vision / Wisdom / Purity / Strength / Love / Peace / Victory and are ready to take on the world. So we are to visit as many festivals as possible around the globe over the next years. To introduce our network to other like minded people. Which in turn should help develope this evergrowing phenonemon that is trance......?

What do you do on that way?
Take in information, gather thoughts, meet new people and help to find those class acts who shall rattle dancefloors near you soon. Party on and travel!

The best thing you did in your life?
Get into music and meet the friends that I have!

What will you do next? any plans?
3 CDs this month to showcase our new direction...

Whats annoys you / inspire you?
This scene annoys me because I am human, I love the dance culture and the people in it. Its hard to make a career in this field, hence why I hold down 3 jobs at present to support my dream of releasing dance music that I like....But I do dislike all the back chat and gossip amongst trancers. This scene is smaller than we realise but it has the potential to grow. So live the dream and fly like the wind....

Your sense of life?
Stay in touch with our angels the rest shall follow....

Where did I get my label name ?
Ajuca Productions was founded in May 2001. the name 'Ajuca' came from the well known book ' Plants of the Gods', written by Schultes & Hofmann. The plant 'Ajuca' or 'Jurema'. Also known as the 'Mimosa Hostilis', this exotic incense from the plains of Mexico was brewed by the Atikum tribe to beckon the spirits of the caboclos.(Enchanted Beings of Light) to descend into the bodies of the mediums to promote healing while dancing the Toré. It is derived from the root bark of the bushy treelet and is also a ceremonial Brazilian drink called 'Vinho do Jurema'. Forming the basis of the Ajuncá ceremony of the Pankarurú Indians and other tribes, Jurema has now entered into Afro-American rituals in eastern Brazil. It is said to permit the partaker to "see glorious visions of the spirit land'.

Booking contact?

Your e-mail adress?

your website?

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